Augmented Reality: Ready for manufacturing industries?

In a series of posts, I will put the spotlight on technologies that eventually will change how we manufacture and deliver products and services. My objective is to demystify the “fourth industrial revolution”— Industry 4.0 — by looking at the specific technologies it concerns. First out is Augmented Reality. What is Augmented Reality? The term “Augmented Reality” (AR) was coined at Boeing a quarter of a century ago. Today, the easiest way to explain AR is to refer to Pokémon GO. Niantic’s mobile game was released in July 2016 and has been downloaded more than 500 million times (as of September 2016). If you do not play it yourself, I bet you know a kid that does. Pokémon GO takes advantage o


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For the Corps, It Is Game On

The U.S. Marine Corps looks to a gaming-inspired course to train the next generation of cyber warriors. Some U.S. Marine Corps cyber warriors are playing their way toward proficiency. The Corps’ Delta Company, Communication Training Battalion, has turned to gamification to foster a new cyber instruction method that is becoming much more than fun and games. Retooling teaching techniques gave rise to what is dubbed “2-3-6 training” to integrate the intelligence directorate with operations and communications, which in military parlance are designated by the numerals 2, 3 and 6. The lessons are as entertaining as they are instructive and have proved quite alluring to today’s digital natives. The

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