Mission Ready’s No-Contact LLC Announces First Order of Riot Shield Covers

VANCOUVER, B.C. – December 13, 2016 – Mission Ready Services Inc. (“Mission Ready” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: MRS) is pleased to announce the initial order of its No-Contact Riot Shield Covers for use in a military application. Developed and fulfilled through the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Protect The Force Inc. (“PTF”), the modest sub $9,000 order of 12 units represents the official commercial launch of this now market-ready product. The No-Contact Shield cover, upon activation, releases a strong electrical pulse and an electrical shock sound and spark that deters an assailant. Similar to stun guns, the No-Contact technology is uniquely engineered into a textile composite that can be

Imagine a Time ...

When Soldiers Use Mind Waves to Communicate With Man and Machine U.S. Army research on wearable technologies could lead to a future in which soldiers wear helmets with embedded thought sensors to communicate with one another and autonomous systems. For now, scientists have developed a prototype architecture that will allow soldiers equipped with wearable technologies to communicate with each other and with robotic systems using hand gestures—even if team members are not within sight. The technologies will increase situational awareness, which ultimately improves mission effectiveness. The scientists cite a hypothetical situation in which a dismounted squad moves through an area, perhaps thro

ITEC 2017

AHOY, ROTTERDAM 16th May - 18th May 2017 Click here for Organiser Website ->

Titan IM I/ITSEC 2016 Newsletter

Calytrix and Leidos team up for I/ITSEC 2016 A recipe for IITSEC: Take one Blackhawk simulator, add a minigun and cargo hoist for fun, and execute an urban operation while taking fire from a real ZPU-4 Russian Anti-Aircraft system converted into a simulator. All running in multiple instances of Titan Vanguard between two booths on the I/ITSEC show floor. Calytrix is pleased to join up with Leidos to support this integrated demonstration. Real integration - more than Powerpoint deep. Join Calytrix (Booth #1363) and Leidos (Booth #2324) and get ready to take the controls of the Blackhawk, minigun or ZPU. Austria Selects LVC Game Enterprise License The Austrian MoD has procured an Enterprise Li

Meggitt wins contract to supply weapons simulator to Australia

Meggitt Training Systems has secured a weapons simulator contract from the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group. Valued at $18m, the contract requires the company to develop, manufacture and install a total of 460 EF88 Steyr assault rifle simulators and 115 SL40 40mm simulated grenade launchers for ADF. Meggitt Training Systems Australia managing director Chris Jordan said: "We have supplied, operated and maintained the ADF's Weapon Training Simulation System since 1999 and this latest weapons simulator award further validates Meggitt's long-standing strategic partnership with the Australian Defence Force." "This latest weapons simulator award further

Finnish Defence Forces Purchase Enterprise License for VBS3

The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) have purchased from Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) an enterprise license of Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3). VBS3 provides an immersive virtual environment that helps soldiers train on tactics, rehearse for missions, and practice standard operating procedures. With its After-Action Review tool, the software is designed to help soldiers learn to think, make decisions and improve communications before heading to the field for live exercises. VBS3 is used for tactical training and mission rehearsal on desktop computers as well as part-task trainers and full mission simulators. The Finnish military have used VBS in various training capacities since 2007. VB

EXPAL Successfully Demonstrated its ʻOne-Stop Shopʼ for Mortar Systems

The demonstration took place on 16 November in the Spanish Army firing and training range 'Álvarez de Sotomayor', located in Almeria (Spain). During the different exercises performed on the field, EXPAL showed all the products and systems involved in this proposal. The company offers a unique and complementary range of products to meet all mission needs in artillery and infantry operations. Its 'One-Stop Shop' includes mortar systems, fire control systems, ammunition, mini UAVs, for aerial reconnaissance and tactical training simulators. All of them are coordinated and serving the same mission. During the demonstration EXPAL's technicians gave a technical explanation on the effectiveness of

Indonesian Army receives Leopard 2A4 RI simulators from Rheinmetall

The Indonesian Army has received Leopard 2A4 RI simulators from Rheinmetall, under a contract signed in 2014. The transfer of the simulators follows a successful site acceptance test on 17 March. Rheinmetall's simulation technology will be used by the military to train its armoured corps. The Leopard gunnery skills trainer (LGST) and driver training simulator (DTS) are specifically designed for training Leopard 2A4 tank commanders, gunners and drivers, Rheinmetall said in a statement. These driver and ballistic simulators were developed by the simulation and training business unit of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics of Germany, using TacSi technology. Rheinmetall said that multiple simulato

Robots Invade the Battlefield

Lighter, simpler, more versatile creations are coming to a theater of war near you. Today’s ruggedized robots will go where man has gone before—and where man should no longer have to go. While U.S. defense officials are not ready to fully relinquish warfighting duties to robots, they are on the fast track to acquiring technologies and platforms anticipated to shake up military operations. The Army’s Strategy for Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) supports robots taking over the three D’s of warfare: dull, dirty and dangerous. The service’s overarching Army Operating Concept lists RAS as an enduring capability to reduce risks to soldiers, increase efficiencies and provide U.S. and coalition

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