Calytrix Cost Counter receives Authority to Operate

Orlando, FL – August 3, 2015 – Calytrix Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that the U.S. Army has issued a Certificate of Networthiness for its Cost Counter software. The receipt of the Certificate of Networthiness is a significant step to show that allows the program to work on all Defense standards compliant simulation systems.

LVC Cost Counter 3.x is an application which monitors a computer network, using Distributed Interactive Simulation / High Level Architecture (DIS/HLA) standards, and accumulates and displays the individual category and total costs associated with the simulation events. This product is able to work on all Defense standards compliant simulation systems, and it enables users to accurately measure and conduct deeper analysis into the application and cost savings through the use of simulation. LVC Cost Counter logs all of the various events that occur during an exercise that would incur cost in the real world, and automatically calculates an approximate c