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ORLANDO, Florida, USA – Serious Simulations LLC announces accomplishment of a new milestone for its patent-pending wireless video "Reformatter" by adapting it for the Oculus Rift. The Reformatter now establishes itself as the world’s first wireless video interface for the Oculus DK2 head mounted display (HMD), and its industry-unique approach to frame rotation ensures it is and will remain the world’s fastest wireless process. The popular Oculus development kit, released only in a wired configuration, is being used by an estimated 140,000 developers for virtual reality entertainment and simulation applications.

Serious Simulations’ Reformatter is a device that adapts a computer video output into a wireless feed for a variety of wired head mounted displays, and eliminates the substantial frame rotation latency that is induced by other wireless methods. As such, the Reformatter overcomes longstanding limitations associated with attempts at untethering Virtual Reality experiences. Most importantly, it totally eliminates the long latency video frame buffering technique that has been standard in the past. The Reformatter device delivers video frames to the screen in approximately 17 micro-seconds which is 1000 times faster than standard frame buffering.

The Reformatter enables wireless operation of many HMDs for better and more immersive virtual reality. Without the hassle of wire tethers, users can experience 3D virtual worlds with unencumbered freedom of movement. To enable a full wireless set-up for the Oculus DK2, users currently require a commercial-off-the-shelf wireless video transmitter, a battery, and a wireless USB 2.0 set, in addition to the Reformatter. A more complete integration that includes the DK2 Software Dev Kit (SDK) program is being pursued to further improve the method.

Serious Simulations anticipates that order quantities will rapidly be sufficient to allow offering an Oculus DK2 version of the Reformatter at a much lower price than currently listed. OEMs are welcome to license the technology from Serious Simulations now as well.

In addition to adapting other wired HMDs for wireless use, Serious Simulations uses the Reformatter in its own "Peripheral Vision Immersive Device" (PVID), the highest resolution, widest field of view, zero frame latency wireless HMD on the market today.

Please contact us for more information.

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