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Creativex-Hartech team closes a sales order to provide Smart Scenario Generator licences as a simula

Creativex Consulting and its partner, Hartech Technologies has successfully closed a sales order to provide a Singapore customer with licences of our Smart Scenario Generator (SSG) licences to build up its simulation framework as an internal development capability.

The Smart Scenario Generator (SSG) is an advanced framework for the creation, management and development of synthetic environments. SSG is designed as a complete framework that AS-IS provides the user with a modern synthetic environment generation and animation tool while allowing the user to continue and develop the environment to match his specific needs. The SSG framework is based on proven technology which has already been proven in large-scale tactical simulators, distributed, and embedded training systems.

SSG provides a synthetic environment for various types of applications covering many domains of the Training and Simulation Community. These include live, virtual and constructive simulation as well as the creation of a synthetic environment for the development and integration of command and control systems.

Business Development Director of Creativex, Mr Chris Lim said "We have been working with Hartech Technologies for several years and it has been a trying period to break into the Asian market which is increasingly using simulation technology as part of their training solutions but at the same time, also trying to become more aware of the available products in the global simulation market. The sales of the licences comes about as the region begins to accept that SSG is a viable product framework which they can harvest on to build low-code simulation solutions in the training environment and more importantly, as a large scale entity based simulation for experiments."

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