Pitch Technologies Announces Björn Möller as President

(26 Nov 2018) Björn Möller has been appointed President of Pitch Technologies AB (Linkoping, Sweden). Björn is a co-founder of Pitch and has served in recent years as Pitch’s Vice President. He has been a key business developer during Pitch’s international expansions. Björn has a long background in the modeling and simulation community, as a chairperson in SISO/IEEE standards development, and as a recurring presenter at I/ITSEC, the leading trade show in the simulation-based training industry.

Upon his appointment, Björn Möller said: “I am very pleased to take the position as Pitch’s President. It’s an exciting time of growth at Pitch, with new products and new product versions plus expanding relations with industry partners. At the same time, HLA, Pitch’s special area of expertise, is growing in use as new systems based on HLA are started eve