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About Us

CreativeX Consulting Pte Ltd was established in early 2009 after the amalgamation of several commercial entities which were setup as early as in 2005 and has since enabled us to deliver products and services in the different industries under a single holding company. 

The vast experience and track records of its founders has provided the necessary firm foundation on which the company was built on for what it is today and hopeful that this will be very foundation that will pave the future of the company. Together CreativeX has built a reputation as a reliable products and service provider, to its clients and to its global partners as an asian partner whom they trust to deliver.

Creativex Consulting is a customer centric company whose focus is currently in the defence, law enforcement, fire services as well as the education government agencies to provide its products and services, either off-the-shelf or be-spoked,to our clients.
Led by a team of young professionals, CreativeX has grown steadily over the years and to date, has created a niched pool of global partners and clientele in the Asian region through our products and services in the different industries. In the past, the company collaborated with overseas vendors on project by project basis and since then, CreativeX has formed strategic alliances with vendors and global partners for long term and successful partnerships.The primary aim of CreativeX is to provide ready, as well as, client specific products and services.
Our clientele list includes government agencies, private companies and academic institutions. Through the close collaboration with our global partners, we are able to provide enabling solutions to each client. CreativeX continuously sources the industries for key enabling technologies and services to develop and market potentials to our clients. CreativeX is also constantly being approached by vendors to promote their products and services. The company, through our in-house teams, assesses the market potential of the products and services in line with our clients' current and future needs.
The Management Team in CreativeX taps its experience and extensive know-how from a group of young and vibrant professionals turned entrepreneurs who have been in the Homeland Security and Education industries for many years. The teams in CreativeX utilise the vast experience and know-how in the different industries to its fullest, to cater to the growing and ever changing landscapes and needs of each and every client.Through its dedication, CreativeX stakeholders have extended its reach to a growing clientele including Asian government agencies, academic institutions and private companies.
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