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Professional Services

Creativex Consulting offers a extensive portfolio of professional services in the simulation space  in order to support our clients' simulation development life cycle. 

Simulation System Development
Life Cycle Services

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  • Marketing & In-Country Support Services

  • Tender Preparation Support Services

  • Operational Subject Matter Expertise

  • Technical Consultancy Services

  • Administrative Program Support Services

  • Program Management Support Services

  • Systems Design Services

  • Software Development Support Services

  • Content Development Services

  • Systems Integration Support Services

  • Test & Evaluation Support Services

  • System Deployment Services
  • Operator Level Maintenance Support Services

  • Intermediate Level Maintenance Support Services

  • Depot Level Maintenance Support Services

  • Integrated Logistics Support Services

  • Training Support Services

  • Logistics Support Services

  • Facilities Support Services

  • System Operations Support Services



We can help customers with a wide range of services including

  • scenario development

  • model creation

  • terrain generation

  • custom scripting

  • plug-in creation

  • interoperability issues

  • multichannel configuration


3D Modeling  & Development Services

Creativex Consulting offers professional and affordable 3D modeling services with top quality for optimised rendering performance to be imported into top of class simulation products like VBS4.


In addition to the provision of 3D model services, we are working closely in partnership with BISimulations to provide professional services in the assessment of your existing 3D models developed by third party vendors for optimisation in VBS3. 


3D Terrain Generation Services

Creativex Consulting offers professional and affordable 3D terrain generation services with top quality for optimised rendering performance using development tools from our partners to generate industry standard output formats to our customers. 


Interoperability Development Services

Using development tools from our interoperability development tools partner, Creativex Consulting offers professional services to support development, test, and integration of distributed simulation environments.​

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