RESITE for Healthcare is an immersive 3D training environment that lets you easily create training scenarios to teach critical skills, like medical care, patient assessment, medical device utilization, patient interaction and team communication.

Create training objectives for students to accomplish

Create training objectives for students to accomplish

Recreate exact replicas of training facilities and equipment

  • Create an unlimited number of scenarios without the need to involve additional technical resources

  • Build realistic scenes populated with medical architecture, furniture and devices

  • ​Add doctors, nurses and patients that intelligently interact with trainees during the simulation

  • Engage in interactive dialog
    Interact with virtual staff
    Evaluate virtual patients
    Observe treatment outcomes
    Witness the results of correct and incorrect communication
    Get instant feedback from instructional staff

  • Show how incorrect communcations can cause disastrous consequences

  • Change the progression of training in real-time based on information learned


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