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World's first Wireless Wide Field of View Display

The Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) is the world's first with a widest field of view available today which allows the user to have an immersive high resolution 3D virtual world. The HMD will be connected wirelessly to achieve trainees to train realistically without any hindrance. 3D virtual environments, scenarios and complex interaction at the tactical level can use gaming technology tools.


Rugged Front Enclosure with Wilcox NVG mount

Dual 1080p displays

Printed Circuit Board - enables dual or single HDMI inputs, Frame Rotation Software, Audio

Custom Lenses - 130 degree FOV (diag) and 72% stereoscopic overlap

Wireless video transmitter and recievers (DVDO)

5V regulated power with rechargeable battery


Please contact us here for request for information. 

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