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What Is it?

  • Data Sensing Skins are custom, wafer thin housings that literally create a skin for the lower receiver of an individual weapon.

  • Not obtrusive – does not impact any operation of the weapon.

  • Easily mounted by the user with one thumb screw.

  • Technical approach adapts to any real or simulated individual weapon.

  • Two Types Weapon Skins currently available to support:

  •                 M4/AR15 Simulated Weapon

  • CO2 Pneumatic Recoil (250 round reservoir)

  •                 M4/AR15 Real Weapon

  • CO2 Pneumatic Recoil (magazine mounted 10 gram CO2 mini bottles)

  • Blank Firing Recoil (Non-toxic, non-explosive blank ammunition, for indoor use)

  • Blank Firing Recoil (Standard Blank ammunition, for outdoor use)

What Data is Wirelessly Sent?

Sensors report data to the Instructor via wireless communication device, ready to integrate into any simulation.


Sensors report the following data:

  •                 Shot event

  •                 Magazine Present

  •                 Magazine Not Present

  •                 Selector Lever Position

  •                 Forward Assist Engaged (Supports SPORTS/Remedial Action training)

  •                 Magazine ID (in development– Feb 2016)

  •                 Magazine Round Count (in development– Feb 2016)

  •                 Instructor Controlled Jams (in development – Feb 2016)

What is Included?

Weapon Skin Package Includes:


  •                 Data Sensing Weapon Skin set (Left and Right)

  •                 Wireless Communication unit (Picattinny Rail mount)

  •                 (Optional) Wireless Thumbstick Navigation Device (Picattinny Rail mount)

  •                 (Optional) Wireless User Interface Device (pocket size)


Please contact us here for request for information.

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