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Untethered Real Time Virtual Reality Experience!

Our partner has invented a new technology to improve the VR experience by eliminating latency ridden wireless linkage issues between Landscape transmission devices (e.g. Wireless HD) and Portrait display devices (Cell phone type displays).


  • Super-Fast – 1000 times faster than Frame Rotation Software.  The Serious Simulations approach uses a Field Programmable Gate Array to speed the video frames to the display while reorganizing them on-the-fly. 

  • General specifications of the system are:

  • HDMI input / HDMI or MIPI output

  • Power Requirement:  +5 volts DC, regulated

  • Electrical:  Approx ½ amps at 5 volts

  • Works for LCD, LED, OLED, AMOLED devices

  • Reformatter converts 1080p 60 Hz Landscape format HDMI signal to Portrait format in real time

  • Zero Frame Latency (no delay of frames)

  • Pixel latency within a single video frame:  19 microseconds maximum

  • Reformatter's operation (pixel clock) phase-locked to incoming HDMI signal

  • Electrical (initial prototype version of Reformatter):  700 milliamps at 5 volts

  • Burn-In Test:  continuous operation at room temperature, 72 hours minimum


Please contact us here for request for information.

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