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Triangraphics GmbH appoints Creativex Consulting as its distribution partner

Creativex Consulting has been appointed as Triangraphics GmbH's distribution partner in the asian region. The addition of Triangraphics's suite of intuitive terrain generation tools to our product line now allows Creativex Consulting to provide the sales of products, training and terrain development capabilities to its customers in the Asian region.

“We are very proud to partner with CreativeX Consulting, a company with vast experience in the simulation industries.”, said Stephan Kussmaul, Managing Director, TrianGraphics. “Outstanding software must be accompanied with dedicated professionals.”

Trian3DBuilder is a powerful terrain modelling solution and enables you to create large-scale detailed areas for your real time applications based on image, height and vector data. Apart from high-quality geospecific databases, geotypic and generic terrains are also supported. The data is optimized for realtime rendering and saved in various standard formats like the common used VBS or OpenFlight format. Using vector data, the software allows to place objects, to build complex road networks as well as rivers, railways, airports, buildings and maritime databases based on nautical charts.

The Database Generation System Trian3DBuilder sets new standards for the creation and editing of digital landscapes. Due to its novel workflow, Trian3DBuilder is fast and intuitive to learn and at the same time the most powerful terrain generation tool on the market. Use our software to create terrain databases in a multitude of formats for various applications and simulation systems.

Key Features

  • Geospecific, geotypic and generic databases

  • Ease of use, rapid database design and creation

  • Verification in integrated 3D viewer

  • Highly realistic, huge 3D environments with WYSIWYG editing

  • Generation of complex street networks with OpenDrive export

  • Generation of airports and buildings

  • Export in OpenSceneGraph, FLT/MFT, GDB, FBX, VBS2, Steel Beasts Pro, OBJ, STL, COLLADA, Havok Vision Engine

  • Multi-core and 64-bit support

  • Project wizardSDK

Please contact us for more information.

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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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