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command & control software

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C3i Development Suite

Through the development of our command and control system we have placed great emphasis on our modular design. The modular implementation was achieved by the development of a Core C3I Engine responsible for all the command and control object management. Based on the success of using the same Engine in multiple systems and projects we have decided to productize it as an independent product. This product is already in use by several system integrator and system developers as a core C3I Engine.

Our C3I Engine architecture is a Multi Agent system based on a unique strong core which provides for all the object management, object distribution, recording, replay and other essential services.


Our unique Engine provides the following development capabilities: 


  •     Rapid application development based on Distributed Multi-Agent system architecture

  •     Object management and distribution

  •     Geometric library for: Motion estimation, History Path Generation and Analysis

  •     Multi Sensors Data Fusion

  •     Data recording and replay

  •     Rapid GUI implementation based on existing infrastructure


Our robust development environment supports Microsoft Visual Studio and enables simple development of the most advanced distributed systems.

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