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training & simulation


Creativex Consutling has developed a Tactical Communications Simulation System , TACTSIM, for individual and tactical team training. Due to the high modularity and variability, the system can be used as it is, as a base system, or it can be configured to the client's requirement using components as they are needed. This allows the system to deployed not only in simple tactical voice communications training in a small classroom based setting, it can also be scalable to support large exercises. 

The system is fully DIS/HLA compliant and can be easily set up to work with other simulation systems through its DIS/HLA gateway and capable of simulating radio communications, internal intercom and text messaging.


Creativex's TACTSIM allows actual radios to be connected through its hardware to allow an integrated communications network between live and virtual simulation. 


Ground Forces Simulation System
The system allows the simulation of communications among vehicle crew through its intercom component, tactical simulation within a group unit exercise through its simulated radio network. The text messaging component has also been implemented into the base system aligning itself as an integrated training system in today's military environment. 

Air Force Simulation System
TACTSIMsimulates the radio communications between pilots and also ground control forces e.g. Air Traffic Controller, Forward Air Controller etc in a common integrated environment. 

Crisis Management System
TACTSIMprovides a simulated environment for the training of crisis management teams with the full simulation of radio communications and text updates. The system is capable of emulating the actual environment real voice communication traffic for medics, firefighters, police, and any crisis management staff etc. 


TACTSIMdevelops each trainee's tactical communication abilities in tactical voice, intercom and also text based communications at different levels of training. The system allows trainee's to train not only their communication skillsets in the appropriate environment in actual simualted situations, it also trains their co-ordinating in such scenarios.

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