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VBS4 is a whole-earth virtual desktop trainer and simulation host that allows you to create and run any imaginable military training scenario. VBS4 20.1 will be available later this summer. A prototype version VBS4 19.1 is already available for evaluation. In addition to supporting all VBS3 training use-cases, VBS4 delivers massive efficiencies and ease-of-use improvements, reducing instructor burden and the need for simulation-specific knowledge. VBS4 is designed for non-engineers, with new tools for terrain development and mission planning that are usable by anyone. 

CreativeX Consulting provides the bridge to Asia to our global partners all around the globe. As a reliable service provider to its clients and its global partners, Creativex focuses on the provision of products and solutions to government agencies from the defence, law enforcement, fire services and education sectors and is continuously growing its customer base. 

ITEC 2020

London UK

01-03 September 2020


VBS Tech Conference Day 1 - Training Made Easier, Faster, Global - VBS4 Introduction & Overview


VBS Tech Conference Day 2 - Missions in Minutes, Detailed Terrains in a Few Hours


VBS Tech Conference Day 3 - From Custom AI to XR-Based Simulators - Powerful Dev Tools for Integrators


Pitch - Building Space Simulations with HLA and the Space FOM (23 Apr 2020)


Pitch - Simulated Radio (28 Apr 2020)


Pitch - Build Distributed Simulations with Ease (30 Apr 2020)



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