Covid19 Exit Updates

Entering Singapore


Processes at a Glance (Starting 10 Aug 2020)


Travel to Malaysia


Processes at a Glance (Starting 10 Aug 2020)


  • Obtain approval for the trip from the authorities of the destination country through applications made by employers, companies or government agencies.

  • Be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival.



  • This scheme is meant for shorter visits of up to 14 days for essential business and official travel.

  • Travellers must be hosted by a company or a government agency in the destination country, which will file for an approval letter on the visitor's behalf. Those entering Singapore must have a valid SafeTravel Pass, while those visiting Malaysia must have a MyTravelPass (to apply at least 10 working days before departure)..

  • Travellers must undergo a Covid-19 test at accredited laboratories within 72 hours before departure and obtain a certificate showing a negative test result.

  • Travellers must undergo another Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival at the destination country.

  • Travellers will not be allowed to take public transport in the host country for the duration of the visit, except for private-hire cars, taxis or company transport.