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Simulation Tools


The VRfree® consists of a pair of lightweight, fingertipless gloves and a HMD mount that you clip onto your headmounted device (GearVR, Daydream, Oculus, HTC Vive, Fove or similar).

The system is composed of 6 different, complementary sensor types that are fully integrated into the gloves and HMD mount. It allows users to fully track their hands and fingers in 3D space – without any other 3rd party tracking device. The system does not require any other external references like cameras or beacons.

Key technical features comprise high update frequency (120Hz, 8ms) from hand to HMD, truly mobile operation, high pin-point accuracy, unobtrusive lightweight form factor, tracking hands beyond your field of view, multi-user capability and long battery life. All of which makes for superior immersion of you, the user.

« There are VR gloves out there that track and capture your fingers but not their position in 3D. To track the position in 3D space users currently have to strap controllers to their arms which in turn are linked to a stationary device. That is not only inconvenient for players, it restricts their mobility. »


Finger Tracking

Traditional VR controllers like the Oculus Touch or the VIVE controllers allow the user to interact with virtual content by pressing buttons and pulling triggers.

This concept of controllers is really a legacy of 2D interaction and useful to simulate a tool (a racket, a weapon, a brush...) that you hold in your hand, but it can never give you the versatility of your hands and especially fingers. With its different buttons it is counter-intuitive to use for most and hampers the immersion of VR.

A realistic representation of and interaction with your hands and fingers enhances the sense of presence and makes the simulation much more intuitive. VRfree® offers exactly that - the ability to interact with VR/AR just like in the real world.

The VRfree glove system in contrast deploys multiple inertial measurement units (IMU) on finger segments, capable to measure their full 3D orientation.

Using in-house developed, hardware accelerated sensor fusion algorithms, the VRfree glove is capable of precisely tracking hand gestures at high frame rates and low latency.

As a result you can use your hands and fingers to naturally interact with any virtual object in the same way as you do in the real world, making your journey through virtual reality a fully immersive experience!


Positional Tracking


Conventional, tethered VR systems like the Oculus and HTC Vive require stationary devices like cameras or laser beacons to assess the 3D coordinates of the user's head and hand positions. These systems rely on external references and are thus not mobile.

Their producers will argue that immobility is no major drawback since most VR experiences currently still require large and very powerful desktop PCs to run on. They will further argue that this immobility is balanced out by the high precision and stability you'll get from a stationary system.

While it may be true that the best VR experiences currently available require high computing power which in turn currently still requires large PCs, the picture is changing rapidly. Smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful allowing to run impressive VR apps while progress on the AR front is accelerating the demand for intuitive mobile input devices and controllers such as the VRfree glove.

With regards to precision we firmly disagree with the assumption that mobile 3D positioning system are by design less accurate than stationary ones. The VRfree® is living proof that an independent mobile tracking system can be just as accurate as a stationary one!


The VRfree® gloves by Sensoryx are made up of high-quality electronic components offering you the highest possible freedom of movement as well as high precision. It is currently the only mobile system with integrated 3D hand- and finger tracking offering you motion capturing beyond your field of view, no visible latency, millimeter scale precision, multi-user capability and broad compatibility.

It consists of a pair of lightweight, fingertipless gloves and a headmodule that you mount onto your headset (Oculus, HTC Vive, Valve Index, MS Mixed Reality, Samsung Odyssey, GearVR, Daydream or similar).

The package contains: 1 pair of VRfree gloves, 1 headmodule, rechargeable batteries, 1 adaptor and 1 connector cable for headset, charging cables.

With our patented, mobile system of complementary sensors that are controlled by proprietary algorithms we give VR users their hands back. It is our vision to allow VR/AR fans to intuitively and naturally interact with the virtual world, with the best input devices nature has to offer: your own hands and ultimately – your full body – for the most immersive VR training- or gaming experience ever.





VRFree Gloves


Always wanted to track objects with your Oculus or WMR system? - Now you can!

The VRfree® object tracker complements and scales your VRfree® hand tracking system. Add multiple trackers to your existing system to track whatever moving or stationary objects you want to include in your VR environment! Include other body parts in your simulation, track a dummy weapon or technical object to interact with! 

Like your base system this tracker is made up of high-quality electronic components offering you 3D positional fidelity on top of the full degrees of freedom, out-of-sight usage as well as high precision - all in a lightweight form factor with long more than 5h battery life.

Our object tracker was presented at I/ITSEC 2019 and CES 2020 and is now available upon request! 

Object Tracker
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