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GUIMate is a C++ and script API which is fully integrated with VBS3 to create rich Graphical User Interfaces with an extensive set of widgets. It is used by the customers to design their customised graphical user interface within the VBS3 environment.

GUIMate includes a visual editor allowing a simple drag-and-drop approach to designing a GUI, as well as a library containing functions which assist in the creation of attractive and functional GUIs within VBS3. GUIMate supports owner-drawn controls which enable to customized widgets such as charts, graphs, videos using C++.

Using GUIMate you can:

* Build better GUIs with more choices for widgets and more a professional appearance.

* Build GUIs in a fraction of the development time taken for other techniques.

* Build maintainable GUIs reducing future costs of maintenance and modification.

The product is segregated as GUIMate Lite and GUIMate Pro based on the licensing system.



Low-Latency Video Streaming directly from VBS3

MediaMate is a real time video streaming application providing a low-latency solution for viewing a VBS3 video feed on a separate machine or remote location. It is also a pragmatic solution for producing high quality recordings and screen captures of the VBS3 virtual environment.

The streaming functionality is supported across multiple browsers and mobile devices. All the major browsers and VLC player are capable of displaying the MediaMate video stream.


Monitor. Conduct. Instruct.

TrainingMate is a training application which maximises the efficacy of VBS3 in battle lab training environments. It is a tool which allows an instructor to monitor trainee’s performance, easily launch and conduct training scenarios, and to provide real-time feedback or instruction to trainees during a scenario.

TrainingMate comes with a complete set of Markup features for VBS3. Markup provides the Instructor, a library of Interactive drawing tools that can be used to create 2D and 3D overlays to instruct and provide real time feedback to trainees during a training scenario.

TrainingMate helps you monitor your VBS3 battle lab while Markup makes real-time visual feedback possible.

Centralized management of all your Trainees

Enhance system administration to provide real-time support, configure training scenarios, install desktop applications and simultaneously run applications that ensures a centralized approach for system administration

Monitor all of your trainees from a single terminal


TrainingMate allows an Instructor to monitor many trainee PCs from a single terminal. At any time, the Instructor can switch from the broad view of all trainees to focus on a high resolution video feed of any single trainee. Moreover, the software facilitates automatic detection of inactive students in the simulation. Trainees are unaware of when they are being monitored. TrainingMate can support monitoring trainees using multiple screens as well as monitoring other desktop applications open on their PC.

Save time and avoid frustration


TrainingMate allows an instructor to save time and minimize error by providing a central application for selecting a scenario, allocating trainees to roles in the scenario and launching the scenario. Creating 3D overlays in VBS3 to provide instruction and feedback and broadcasting selected overlays to individual trainees are supported. This means training can get underway faster and with less frustration.

TrainingMate is beautifully integrated with the VBS3 application

Using the tools which are seamlessly integrated with VBS3, an Instructor can create overlays ahead, before conducting a scenario to assist and target training. They can also create overlays during a scenario to either record important points for the AAR, or to share points with one or more trainees in real time. These set of interactive drawing tools can be used for real-time AAR as well, to create a visually rich feedback experience.

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