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Rapid and Automated Creation of Correlated Terrains for Simulation
TerraTools, the industry-leading terrain generation software from TerraSim, is used to rapidly develop high-fidelity, geo-specific environments for defense simulation, training and experimentation.

Support More Simulation Runtimes

Supporting correlation across twelve runtimes, TerraTools is the market leader in correlated terrain output. Develop and export a single terrain project to multiple runtime formats for correlated terrain in training exercises that connect different simulations.

Import and Export Different Data Sources

Import and export a wide range industry-standard elevation data, satellite imagery, and vector data. TerraTools also supports import of many 3D model formats common to simulation and gaming. Export optimized virtual environments to visual, constructive, and serious game runtime applications.

Faster Processing

Use Batch Mode Manager with Distributed Processing for TerraTools to reduce terrain production times by 2-3 times on typical workstations; reductions can be far greater on high performance systems. Terrain builds can also be distributed across a local network or cloud environment to greatly reduce production time and costs on large-scale terrain projects.

Flexibility and Reuse

Make incremental updates to an existing project to further enhance and refine the environment. Reuse TerraTools projects as templates to fast-track future terrain production.

Built-In Viewing & Editing Tools

Use built-in tools to simplify project creation; create, edit, and view geospatial data; edit and view textures and models; and preview the environment as you transition from source data to the final terrain output.

Mantle ETM
ETM Mantle.png

A Customized Terrain Pipeline for Simulation and Training

Effective. Proven. Easy-to-use. Scalable. Cost-efficient. Constantly enhanced.

Terrain Challenges

Making terrain for high fidelity simulation is difficult and challenging. Searching out good source data, building correlated terrain for multiple runtimes, synchronizing data between different simulation clients, storing the vast amount of source data, utilizing classified and other restricted data, editing data “on the fly”. Historically, these challenges have resulted in separate specialist teams building terrain data disconnected from the point-of-need users together with high costs and long lead times to obtain the required finished terrain.

Mantle ETM solves these challenges.

What is Mantle ETM?

Mantle Enterprise Terrain Management (ETM) is a custom-built platform based on proven COTS components and expert design/development services for creating simulated terrain for training, mission rehearsal, visualization and terrain analysis. A Mantle ETM installation delivers a cloud-capable* custom terrain pipeline that works with your data, processes, servers, and runtimes, integrating with your existing terrain capabilities or delivering a full end-to-end solution from scratch.


* Cloud is not required, Mantle ETM can also run on an internal network

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