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Pitch products are used by industry and government in more than 40 countries across the world by more than 500 customers including Boeing, Mitsubishi, NASA, Airbus, Thales, CAE, EuroControl, BAE Systems, IABG and many more.Our products capture more than twenty years of experience from building distributed systems.

Our products support the entire lifecycle, from development to deployment across organizations. They provide market leading performance, robustness and ease-of-use across both local and wide-area networks. Many of Pitch products have been certified by third party organizations to ensure a complete and correct implementation.


Infrstructure Products

Pitch pRTI

Make your systems work together using the open international HLA standard

Connect and Interoperate

Pitch pRTI™ is a simulation infrastructure that implements the open international HLA IEEE 1516-2010 standard. Pitch pRTI enables you to exchange data and synchronise events between simulators. It is optimized for local deployment in LAN as well as cloud and virtualized deployment. You can monitor and control Pitch pRTI from your desktop, web browser, tablet or smartphone.

Pitch pRTI has the highest performance, best robustness and ease-of-use in the market. The powerful user interface allows you to develop, debug and tune in minimum time and cost. If you are using an older HLA version, Pitch pRTI offers seamless backwards compatibility for gradual transition.


Pitch Commander

Monitor and control your simulations across your organization

Monitor and Control Your Simulations

Pitch Commander enables you to stay in control of your entire simulation setup. It allows you to remotely manage federations, computers, applications and networks. Build customized dashboards for your users and control your simulations using scripts.

You can use Pitch Commander™ during all phases of your federation development. It shortens the integration and deployment time and assures higher uptime for the federation, saving money and reducing risk. Use it for troubleshooting and debugging of federations and to identify problematic federation designs, to analyze and potentially tune performance.

Pitch Commander™ lets you remotely startup simulation applications, monitor the CPU, memory and network usage of any computer running in the network. Monitor how simulated objects are registered and discovered. Get in charge of Time management status, initiate save, restore, scenario selection and much more.


Pitch DIS Adapter

Integrate your DIS applications and your HLA federations with monitoring and filtering

Integrate Your DIS Applications


Pitch DIS Adapter™ is a bridge between HLA and the DIS IEEE 1278 standard. It enables you to mix simulations that use these two standards in one exercise.

The DIS sides supports newer and older versions, like DIS 4, 5, 6 and 7. The HLA side supports newer and older HLA versions, together with the RPR FOM 2.


Pitch Media Streamer

Integrate video and simulation data in your simulation infrastructure

Integrate Video in your Training

Pitch Media Streamer™ enables you to freely mix simulation data and media streams in your training and analysis activities. Capture, monitor and distribute student screens and video camera streams. Record and playback your streams fully synchronized with your simulation data for after action review and feedback. Monitor and review exercises across different sites.

Pitch Media Streamer supports commonly used video compressions, like H.264, and streaming protocols, like UDP and RTP. Our bandwidth guide makes it easy to match your video requirements with your networks.

Pitch Media Streamer runs across simulation networks using highly optimized and fault-tolerant HLA communication over Pitch pRTI. Built-in sender-sider filtering makes sure that only the requested streams are delivered to each network.


Pitch Booster

Connect simulations across WAN with performance and fault tolerance

A Persistent Simulation Enterprise

Pitch Booster enables you to easily run your simulations between different sites, no matter if they are far away, if they are behind firewalls or if the communication links are slow or unreliable. With a Booster installed in each location, it looks like all simulations are in the same room.

Pitch Booster™ is also a revolution when it comes to simplifying network and firewall configuration issues, enabling you to quickly setup and run one or many federation executions across your organizations WAN or over the Internet.

Connect any number of federates, federations and RTIs. Pitch Booster™ is firewall friendly – make one minor modification only once.


Pitch Extender

Connect federations with different RTIs, FOMs or different performance profiles

A Bridge Between Federations

Pitch Extender creates a bridge between two different HLA federations. It can be used to connect two different federations into one or to partition one federations into two. Pitch Extender allows you to select which data that will be bridged between the federations, based upon the FOM on each side.

Pitch Extender provides a plug-in API that enables you to add your own filters or to modify the data.

Runtime Products

Pitch Talk

Communicate using voice, intercom, radio and chat with scalability and management

Unlimited Communication

Pitch Talk is a new communications framework to support distributed simulation. It covers a wide range of applications, from pilot and crew to theatre level command & control training.

Pitch Talk enables high fidelity simulation with unlimited channels of radio, intercom, audio and chat. It makes it easy to design, centrally manage and deploy exercises.

Pitch Talk comes with a radio client and an office style client. It provides a wide range of integration opportunities, including customizable radio panels, embeddable communications interfaces and HLA/DIS integration.


Pitch Recorder

Record, inspect, play back and export your HLA, DIS, Link 16 and other simulation data

Record, Inspect and Analyze

Pitch Recorder supports the federation during its whole lifecycle from development and integration to After Action Review. It is the perfect tool for capturing data from your simulation. Monitor in real-time how data is produced when your simulation is executed, inspect and visualize your simulation data. Replay your simulation data into your federation for powerful after action review.

Pitch Recorder supports exchange of simulation data between sites and organizations. You can also export and refine your simulation data in other applications such as statistical software, spreadsheet, etc. Any type of FOM is supported; customized FOMs or standard FOMs with extensions.


Pitch KML Streamer

Visualize your scenario in the KML viewers such as Google Earth

Put your Simulations on the Map

The powerful Pitch KML Streamer™ creates a live link between the standard and KML viewers (such as Google Earth) and an HLA simulation. Each user that connects, locally or from a remote location, can view the status and position of entities like cars, aircrafts, ship, humans, etc. Optional data, like track, heading and roll can also be displayed. The geodata that is used, like roads and satellite images are downloaded automatically by the Google Earth application. Each user can select his view, pan and zoom in the Google Earth application independently of other users. It is possible for a user to select exactly which data layers (roads, borders, etc) he wants to see at any given time.

Development Products

Pitch Visual OMT

Create, maintain, visualize and analyze object models for information exchange

Manage Your HLA Object Models

When you develop HLA federations, you need to have a Federation Object Model that describes the information exchange. Pitch Visual OMT is the leading tool for developing and maintaining such object models.

You can use it to develop new FOMs for any domain or extend existing standardized FOMs such as the RPR FOM. Pitch Visual OMT gives you clear graphical views of your FOM. The built-in and helps ensuring correctness and consistency.

If you need to migrate FOMs from older versions, or maintain a FOM that supports several HLA versions, Pitch Visual OMT has several conversion tools. During your projects life cycle you may also want to compare different versions of you FOMs using Pitch Visual OMT. The report features makes it easy to share your FOM with your team.


Pitch Developer Studio

Generate a royalty-free HLA module in C++, C# or Java for your simulation. Also supports DIS

Generate HLA and DIS Middleware

Pitch Developer Studio is the world’s most powerful tool for efficiently adding HLA or DIS interoperability quickly and easily to your simulator.

Pitch Developer Studio generates professional quality middleware in C++, Java or C#. Integrate the generated module with your own application. The generated code is royalty free. Pitch Developer Studio puts you in control of development cost and time. Reduce risk and assure quality in your simulation project with Pitch Developer Studio!

Pitch Developer Studio is the market leading tool in its class. It is used by well-known simulation providers such as Bohemia Interactive (VBS3) and Presagis (Stage, Vega Prime).


Pitch CDS Gateway

Connect federations of different security classifications

Cross Domain Security for Simulation

Pitch CDS Gateway is a ground-breaking off-the-shelf software for secure, HLA-based distributed simulation. It enables you to control the release of data between two different HLA federations of different security classification. Run exercises between different domains, such as secret, restricted and open. Pitch CDS Gateway is a proxy application that can be used together with different security devices to match your requirements and policies. It also includes powerful tools to monitor and log the data exchange.

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