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About BISimulations

About BISimulations

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) uses the latest game-based technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.
Professional Services
We offer professional services to help customers develop cost-effective solutions to meet their unique requirements.
Our team of software engineers, AI programmers, games designers, technical artists and support specialists are experts in their fields.
We can help customers with a wide range of services including


scenario development

  • model creation

  • terrain generation

  • custom scripting

  • plug-in creation

  • interoperability issues

  • multichannel configuration

We provide custom solution to meet your goals.

VBS Technology Conference Apr 2020
BISIM Terrain Conference Day 1 -
From Space to Grass & Ocean Floor : Building Terrain for Simulation
BISIM Terrain Conference Day 2 -
Addressing the Terrain Problem: Intro to BISIM's World Server Tech
VBS Technology Conference Apr 2020
VBS Tech Conference Day 1 -
Training Made Easier, Faster, Global - VBS4 Introduction & Overview
VBS Tech Conference Day 2 -
Missions in Minutes, Detailed Terrains in a Few Hours
VBS Tech Conference Day 3 -
Powerful Dev Tools For Integrators
Product Introductions
Create Training Scenarios Rapidly with the VBS Plan mode in VBS4
07 Aug 2020
VBS Radio Pro - Advanced & Customizable Radio Simulation for VBS
Jun 2020
New VBS Map Application - Available in VBS3 20.1
5th Mar 2020
New 3D Content in VBS3 - Royal Navy OPV River Class Vessel
5th Mar 2020
New AI Crowd and Traffic Behaviors for VBS3 20.1
Mar 2020
Create High-Fidelity AI Behaviors for VBS4 and VBS3 with VBS Control Editor
Feb 2020
VBS4 Terrain Showcase - Train Anywhere on the Virtual Earth with VBS4
Feb 2020
Over 100 New 3D Models Available in VBS v19.1
Sep 2019
VBS3 Updates Include New Easy-to-Use, Call-for-Fire Tool & Future Force Capabilities
Jul 2019
Introducing Gears Studio, a new Development Environment from BISim
Aug  2019
VBS IG SDK: Powerful Tools to Customize Your Image Generator
May 2018
VBS Simulation SDK: Powerful Tools to Customize VBS
May 2018
VBS Control Behavior Pack: Breakthrough AI Behaviors at Your Command
Mar 2018
VBS Tech Conference
VBS4 20.1 Tutorial - Converting Terrain from VBS3 to VBS4
4th Sep 2020
VBS4 20.1 Tutorial - Converting Missions from VBS3 to VBS4
26 Aug 2020
VBS4 20.1 Tutorial - Licensing, Downloading and Installing VBS4
25 Aug 2020
Enhance the VBS4 Whole-Earth 3D Environment with the easy-to-use VBS Geo Mode
20 Aug 2020
Gears Studio: How to Create Components Tutorial
Oct 2018
Mixed Reality Flight Training
9th Sep 2020
StrisimPC Powered by VBS3 for Swedish Armed Forces
10th Feb 2020
Amphibious Operation Scenario VBS3 - MSETT
18th May 2017 - MSETT Hellas
VBS3 Weapon Universal Component System Demo
31st Jul 2018 - Jeremy Mason
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