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The core set of CNR simulation products support your radio training needs. Communication, After Action Review and Administration - we've got them covered.
Advanced Radio Communications
Capture, Save and Replay
Take Control of your CNR Network


Take your virtual radio training a step further with these add-ons to the CNR suite, adding advanced features to simulate real world environments and devices.
Physics-Based Signal Degradation
Real Radio Emulation
Full Development Interface


Delivering a realistic and immersive training environment requires the careful blending of live and virtual communications. Our range of hardware products are designed to help you do just that.
Bridge Real and Virtual Radios
Enhanced Radio Realism
Zero-Delay Intercom
Radio Simulation


CNR-Sim is a family of affordable communication products for simulated radio and intercom. CNR-Sim provides the core radio simulation, allowing users to communicate with one another over the network.
CNR-Sim provides the essential communications platform for use along side all standard Virtual and Constructive training environments. It is integrated tightly into industry standard systems such as VBS3 and routinely deployed to support training with systems such as Steel Beasts, OneSAF, SWORD and VR-Forces.
Our full-fidelity simulation. Build complex, dynamic training environments or embed directly into your simulator as a turn-key comms solution.
  • Cross Platform - Software Only Radio
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Radio Profiles
  • Configurable Hot-Keys
  • Left Ear/Right Ear
  • Voice Activation (VOX)
  • Text Chat
  • External Sound Injection
  • Customizable Squelch Tones
  • Adjustable Ambient Sounds
  • DIS Compliant
  • Adjustable Degradation Effects
  • Software Developers Kit
  • Antenna Modelling
  • Line-of-Sight Effects
  • Buidling and Obstruction Effects
CNR-Log is an After Action Review (AAR) tool that records all communications exchanged during a training activity. It allows an instructor to review recorded material during de-brief and review, and to export all or part recordings for assessment or attachment into other systems.
CNR-Log will watch the simulated radio network and capture all transmissions, timestamp them and store for later use.
CNR-Log will record radio transmissions from all DIS-compliant radios, allowing it to be integrated into mixed-environments that include legacy systems.
  • Transmission Recording
  • Transmission Playback
  • Unlimited Audio Sessions
  • Filtering
  • Audio Export
  • Real-time or Compressed Replay
  • Software Developers Kit
  • Powering VBS AAR Audio
  • DIS Compliant

CNR-Monitor allows you to set up, configure and control all your networked CNR radios from one location. Instructors and exercise designers can monitor and manipulate radio settings from one console.


With just a few quick clicks, CNR-Monitor's Smart Groups feature automatically configures radios as they join the network, rapidly tuning the communications environment to your training needs.

Training environments vary enormously, from small classroom training of 15 to 20 students, through to large scale exercise support with 100+ CNR users. CNR-Monitor provides all the management tools you need to configure and manage your communications training environment. The best thing: it’s FREE.

  • Configuration Sets
  • Groups
  • Smart Groups
  • Status Monitoring
  • Individual Radio Control


Radio communications in the real world are not always loud and clear. Your simulated communications don't have to be either. CNR-Effects delivers dynamic, realistic radio degradation effects to virtual radios. The system combines environmental inputs such as the Line-of-Sight (LOS) between sender and receiver, urban density and weather settings, with the physical properties of the radios such as power and transmit frequency. Mixing these settings it automatically calculates the appropriate ways to degrade incoming transmissions so that the communications environment. The result is a far more realistic simulated radio environment.
The visual fidelity of virtual simulation systems continues to increase. Simulation training tools such as VBS3 have evolved with the commercial gaming industry to deliver highly realistic visual environments. The level of realism in radio communications simulation has not kept track, until now. We have tightly integrated CNR-Effects into VBS to allow users to experience a communications environment that matches their virtual environment. CNR-Effects can source terrain LOS profiles from VBS at runtime, and will factor in environmental obstructions such as building and areas of dense foliage when performing degradation calculations. Even the weather in VBS will have an effect! 
  • Line-of-Sight Effects
  • VBS Integration (Buildings & Construction
  • Antenna Modelling
  • Multiple Propagation Models
  • Software Developers Kit

Your virtual radio should look like a radio, and with CNR-Skins, it does. CNR-Skins provide virtual radio faceplates that look and feel like a real radio. These faceplates expose the underlying radio simulation in a much more familiar interface.

CNR-Skins enables effective low cost radio training without the need to obtain expensive real radios or the problems of securing controlled items. CNR-Skins provides a set of realistic, fully interactive, graphical radio faceplates ("Skins") to deliver a realistic operator training environment. New CNR-Skins can be developed to almost any degree of fidelity, from basic familiarisation training to deep menu functions. At a fraction of the price of a real radio and none of the security or frequency-leakage problems, CNR-Skins is an ideal radio training solution. 


We have developed a turnkey Radio Desktop Training Solution package that provides the ability for organisations to perform a large amount of basic radio familiarization and operator skills maintenance training. Based on CNR-Skins, this solution is packaged as a deployable kit supporting up to 20 trainees and an instructor in a classroom environment. Additional options are provided to support bridging out to live radios, enabling a blended Live and Virtual environment.

  • Support for Multiple Skins
  • Embedded Training Content
  • Multiple Views
  • Radio Control
  • Instructor Control (via CNR-Monitor)

CNR suite of products combine to provide more than a collection of COTS products. Together they are baseline communications platform that can be readily embedded into all manner of simulators and simulation tools. The CNR Software Development Kit gives integrators the tools they need to leverage the communications platform. 



Creativex itself makes significant use of the CNR-Sim and CNR-Log development kits to build our product base and integrate the platform into other tools. Our CNR-Skins and CNR-Monitor tools are built directly on the CNR-Sim SDK. The CNR-Log SDK is the cornerstone of communications support for VBS After Action Review tool. Our partner has also build demonstrations on top of virtual environments such as Unity3D.


CNR-Sim and Log are also integrated into a number of third-party products, providing communications support for tools such as Flex-Air by SASimulations and Steel Beasts by eSim Games. The platform has been used by a number of integrators to deliver communications in their hardware platforms and is used as a core part of major programs such as the US Army Games for Training and Dismounted Soldier. 


The CNR family of tools is supported across multiple versions of Windows and several Linux distributions. It is designed to support simulation environments in any type of deployment configuration, from small, embedded devices up to big-iron. The kit comes with intefaces for Java and C++ in 32 and 64-bit. 



CNR-Live systems are increasingly being integrated into the virtual and constructive training domain. Just as messaging protocols can be integrated to deliver a common C2 picture, CNR-Live allows CNR software users to communicated with any live radio on the network.

Each CNR-Live unit can support up to four (4) live radios, which are mapped to virtual radio channels on the CNR network. Any CNR user, if configured, can speak with any live radio in the field and vice versa, allowing a seamless LVC communications network to be developed. 


CNR-Live is routinely deployed to simulation-supported training activities allowing communications and monitoring between trainees and exercise control on live ranges and anyone connected to the supporting training network. In Australia, the Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre (ADSTC) deploy a suite of CNR-Live units to support their joint training activities with participants communicating from live training facilities in Queensland back to network control in Canberra. From the Desktop to the Field, all this traffic is recorded and available for After Action Review. 

  • Simple User Interface
  • Fully CNR Compatible
  • Support Multiple Radios
  • After Action Review
  • Standard Operating Environment
  • Central Management
  • Standard IP Network
  • Bridge VHF and UHF

It's difficult to communicate effectively during live operations. Background situational noise ensures clear radio communications are simply not a reality. CNR-Sidetone is an advanced hardware-based audio processing system that integrates game environment noise (e.g. VBS3 helicopter rotor wash, gun fire, crowd ambiance etc.) into your radio broadcasts so everyone knows what is happening around you.

CNR-Sidetone is designed to work with any virtual training environment or simulator, increasing situational awareness and engulfing users in a highly realistic audio environment. 


CNR-Sidetone can be used in a standalone capacity to provide a more immersive environment for users as well as Environmental Noise for participants on the radio network. However, its capabilities don't stop there. Designed for environments such as Vehicle Crew Trainers, CNR-Sidetone can be readily integrated with CNR-Intercom to provide latency free, direct team communications.

When linked with CNR-Intercom, players can speak directly to groups of up to six participants with all the speed benefits of a hardware solution, replicating a true intercom environment. The units can be configured to link into the Intercom channel continuously (hot-mic) or only when PTT is activated. 

  • Sidetone
  • Environmental Noise
  • Push-to-Talk Support
  • Intercom Integration
  • Headset Support
  • Fully CNR Compatible

Communication in close-quarters crew environments is often done through the use of a dedicated Intercom feed. Users are hard-wired together, allowing them to talk naturally and directly. From tank crews to the aircraft cockpit, these communications environments are common. CNR-Intercom product is designed specifically to support this environment and provide instantaneous communications between groups of connected users.


CNR-Intercom delivers the best of both audio worlds: a clear-speech hardware intercom solution in conjunction with an advanced simulated radio. The combination delivers a complete radio environment in your simulator or training environment. CNR-Intercom features include:

  • Full compatibility with CNR-Sim and CNR-Log

  • Supports up to 6 users

  • Multiple CNR-Intercoms can be linked together


Our line of hardware products are designed to provide full support for simulator integration, combining with our CNR software suite to deliver a complete communications platform. From the individual with Sidetone, to their crew with Intercom, to the battlefield with CNR-Sim and CNR-Effects. Our hardware products are ready to be used on the desktop, or embedded into larger simulators as a behind-the-scenes capability thanks to the inclusion of capabilities supporting triggering via external switches and controls.


Some amount of lag is inherent to any software-based communications solution. The time it takes to receive a signal, process and encode it, send over the network, decode and then feed to a user introduces enough latency to prove disconcerting. CNR-Sidetone eliminates this problem for single users when introducing their own voice back into their ear. CNR-Intercom does the same thing for a group of participants.

Creativex Consulting has over the years also provided simulation solutions to our clients using the development tools from our partners. 

Tactical Communications Simulation System


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