ORLANDO, Florida, USA – Serious Simulations LLC announced today that it has begun work for FAAC Incorporated, the prime contractor for the U.S. Army’s Virtual Clearance Training System (VCTS). The subcontract was awarded as part of an overall upgrade package to the Army’s VCTS program being executed by FAAC. The VCTS program is administered by the Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEOSTRI). Serious Simulations will provide a unique gun tracking solution to the fleet of simulators in the VCTS program. Specifically, the company developed a Zero Drift Machine Gun tracking system to enable machine gunnery tasks to be executed with extremely high degrees of


EXHIBITION SUCCESS Creativex Consulting exhibited together with Serious Games Association at the recent Communicasia 2016 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore from 31st May - 3rd Jun 2016 where we demonstrated one of our suite of authoring tools to create immersive 3D training environment easily to teach critical skills under the theme of SMART HOSPITAL. The authoring tool we demonstrated allowed training in medical care, patient assessment, medical device operation, and patient interaction. Creativex Consulting's booth under the umbrella of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore was a success and we had many visitors from the Singapore educational institutions showing strong interest in the

Commanding the Future Mission

U.S. Army researchers endeavor to develop a package of decision-supporting applications known as the Commander’s Virtual Staff and a Tactical Computing Environment that offers advanced computer-human interfaces, a collaborative data environment, intelligent mobility and a common user experience across computing platforms. The Army’s goal is to enable an expeditionary force capable of deploying at a moment’s notice to austere locations around the world with troops that can carry out their missions immediately upon arrival. Commanders and their staffs will need to efficiently plan, execute and assess multiple missions involving multiple types of threats, and they will have to constantly switch

Pitch Technologies appoints Creativex Consulting as its distribution partner

Creativex Consulting has been appointed as Pitch Technologies distribution partner in the asian region. The addition of Pitch Technologies' suite of inter-operability tools to our product line now allows Creativex Consulting to provide the sales of products, training and HLA system inter-operability capabilities to its customers in the Asian region. Pitch Technologies (Pitch) is a leading provider of Open Standards compliant products, services and solutions for interoperable distributed simulation systems. Our products and solutions are being used by some of the largest and most complex system development, integration and test, and exercise & training delivery programs across a global range

SIMOX Simulator Introduced by EXPAL

EXPAL has introduced its new simulator SIMOX, that can bed used to train and educate a section of mortars and each of its members. EXPAL has applied the advantages of the modern simulation technology in order to create a simulator that replicates faithfully every aspect that a section of mortars and the various members that compose it, forward observer, charger and handle and head of the section must know and train before carrying out their missions in real scenarios. The instructor will be able to prepare and evaluate his team in a highly realistic environment that can reproduce any scenario or situation previously predesigned and other aspects such as hostile weather or night missions, all

Netherlands MOD Extends Enterprise License and Support for VBS3

Orlando, FL — Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a global developer of simulation software, announced that The Netherlands Ministry of Defence (MINDEF NL) has agreed to a multi-year extension of its enterprise license of VBS3. In addition to licenses for VBS3, Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ flagship military training and mission rehearsal simulation software, the new agreement includes licenses as well as for VBS Fusion, the official API for VBS3, and VBS3Fires FST, a call-for-fire and close air support training application for VBS3, from SimCentric Technologies. “VBS3 is a key training enabler for preparing military personnel for a wide range of applications and an enterprise license allows

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