FlightSafety Mixes Reality in New Simulator

by Matt Thurber An interesting development that might have a profound effect on the training simulation industry is underway at FlightSafety International’s Visual Systems division in St. Louis, Missouri. Some lucky visitors to the Heli-Expo show earlier this year in Anaheim, California, were able to get a private demo of the new technology, which FlightSafety calls a “mixed-reality” flight simulator. The new simulator takes advantage of the many years of development of FlightSafety’s Vital image generator and visual display, marrying the most recent version with virtual reality headwear and hardware controls to create a mixed-reality simulator. Virtual reality or VR—in the form of eyewear t

This training tool could be the answer to stop mass cyberattacks

Mark Pomerleau At air bases across Europe, networks are under attack. Malicious hackers have gained access to sensitive systems, information, controls and critical infrastructure. But cyber operators from U.S. Cyber Command, in concert with Five Eyes partners, have been called in to thwart these attempts in real time. This was the main scenario for this year’s capstone cyber training exercise put on by Cyber Command, Cyber Flag 20-2. The exercise, which took place June 15-26 and was exclusively defensive in nature, saw more than 500 participants and 17 teams participating from five countries across nine time zones, and it included America’s National Guard, the U.S. Energy Department and the

Unreal Engine Officially Certified by US Air Force

AMANDA TOWNER Epic Games' Unreal Engine has been officially certified by the U.S. Air Force as an evaluated and approved product. Close to the end of 2019, Epic Games started a journey with the Air Force Modeling and Simulation team (AFAMS) to ensure that Unreal Engine source code is thoroughly reviewed by the Operation Training Infrastructure (OTI) officers. After a few initial remarks, which have been cleared in Unreal Engine 4.25, Epic Games went through the last mile to make sure that the U.S. Air Force had all the information they needed. Unreal Engine is now officially certified. The accessibility of its open access to its source code on GitHub made it easy for the certification team t

The Varjo VR-2 Pro Boldly Goes Where No VR Headset Has Gone Before

Tom Atkinson in News A high-end HMD perfect for safety-critical training simulations. I love covering this industry, the pace of innovation is awesome, and watching companies large and small vie for market share with powerful and revolutionary tech is inspiring. We have come a long way. Better, lighter, untethered HMDs: Check. Cheaper, easier to use VR solutions: Check. Better access to good VR content: Check (mostly). And now we have high-resolution VR with hand and eye-tracking which is an important step towards breaking down a barrier that has been holding VR back from broader adoption in some industries. Low-resolution VR might be fine for games and low interaction immersion, but when yo

16 Virtual Reality Applications That Will Be Big In The Months Ahead

Social distancing measures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically decreased in-person meetings and travel. As a result, many people became more interested in virtual reality as a means of enjoying places and experiences that weren’t accessible. The opportunities provided by VR and its potential to revolutionize everything from education and industry to travel and entertainment have taken center stage. As top tech leaders, the members of Forbes Technology Council are watching the VR space and how it’s developing to meet consumers’ needs. Below, they share 16 uses for VR that are sure to make a big splash among consumers in the months to come. 1. Campaign-Mode Video Games I am seeing p

1960s Tanks, UK Army Training, Driving POVs, HD from 35mm

Source : Kino Library 1960s Tanks, UK Army Training, Driving POVs, HD from 35mm from the Kinolibrary Archive Film Collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit Clip ref CHX926. 4K master from 35mm colour negative film available. Subscribe for more high quality, rare and inspiring clips from our extensive archive of footage. WS quarry, deserted sandy, dusty area. ZI tank driving over a mound, military training, UK army, British army. Chieftain tank with two soldiers driving going over hill. Tank driving, tank training. Pan across two tanks driving along. INT Tank, driver’s seat, cock pit? Tank simulator, control panel, dashboard. CU ta

Scottish Reservists Train in the Virtual Field

With training having been suspended for the last couple of months, and with it only now beginning to resume again, one Reserve unit is still spending weekends in the field, on vehicles and calling in air strikes on the virtual battlefield. The Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry, the UK’s newest combat unit, has seized the opportunity of the COVID-19 training lockdown to explore other avenues of training. On 16 and 17 May, 18 soldiers from the SNIY took part in a virtual training exercise, with another 22 watching via live stream. It was the second such virtual exercise. The Squadron typically trains twice monthly on weekends. Troops used VBS3, a military simulator developed by Bohemia Interac

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