CM Labs Releases Industry’s First Simulation-based Crane Signal Person Training Solution

Signal Person Training Station brings team-based, cooperative training to the classroom for novice crane operators

Montreal, QC, June 19, 2018 — CM Labs today announced the release of its new Signal Person Training Station, a simulation-based solution that is the only one of its kind in the industry.

Designed to work in conjunction with CM Labs’ Vortex® Trainer and Advantage simulators, the Signal Person Training Station allows trainers to simultaneously engage multiple students in a single exercise. While one apprentice operates a virtual crane via the Vortex simulator, another uses the Signal Person Training Station to provide guidance.

The trainee signal person can move around a realistically simulated worksite to inspect the lifting area, identify potential hazards, gain a clear view of all site activity, and provide hand signals to direct the crane operator via webcam and picture-in-pictu