Rosoboronexport to supply vehicles to Indonesia’s Marine Corps

Russian arms exporter Rosoboronexport has signed a contract with the Indonesian Ministry of Defence to supply BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicles and BT-3F amphibious armoured personnel carriers (APCs) to Indonesia’s Marine Corps. Rosoboronexport developed BT-3F on the basis of BMP-3F and designed the carriers for the transportation of units of the marines, coastal guard and land forces, as well as for the fire support of landed parties in all types of combat operations. The BT-3F’s roof accommodates a two-plane stabilised remote-controlled combat module with a 12.7mm machine gun. The combat module is equipped with a tele-thermal imaging sight with a laser rangefinder to monitor terrain and is

Singapore and Indian armies conduct joint exercise Bold Kurukshetra

The Singapore and Indian armies have conducted the bilateral armour joint exercise Bold Kurukshetra in India. Held from 2 to 13 April at Babina Field Firing Range in Central India, this exercise is the 12th edition in the series and involved approximately 270 soldiers from the armies. Exercise Bold Kurukshetra involved the participation of the two armies in integrated manoeuvres, exercise planning and training. The integrated live-firing exercise involved the Singapore Army’s infantry fighting vehicles and the Indian Army’s main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. The live-firing was witnessed by senior commanders from Singapore and India. They also interacted with participating tro

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