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Singapore and Indian armies conduct joint exercise Bold Kurukshetra

The Singapore and Indian armies have conducted the bilateral armour joint exercise Bold Kurukshetra in India.

Held from 2 to 13 April at Babina Field Firing Range in Central India, this exercise is the 12th edition in the series and involved approximately 270 soldiers from the armies.

Exercise Bold Kurukshetra involved the participation of the two armies in integrated manoeuvres, exercise planning and training.

The integrated live-firing exercise involved the Singapore Army’s infantry fighting vehicles and the Indian Army’s main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles.

The live-firing was witnessed by senior commanders from Singapore and India. They also interacted with participating troops from both countries.

Singapore 8th Armoured Brigade commander senior lieutenant colonel Dean Yik said: “The training here has allowed our armour units to hone their operational skills and competencies in a realistic live-firing environment.

“The joint exercise focused on developing interoperability and conduct of joint tactical operations in mechanised warfare.”

“More importantly, the opportunity to work together with the Indian Army in professional exchanges and joint training has enhanced our mutual understanding and cooperation.”

Bold Kurukshetra was conducted under the ambit of the bilateral agreement for joint army training and exercises between the Singapore and Indian armies.

The exercise underscores the strong and long-standing bilateral defence relationship between both countries, as well as improves cooperation between the two armies.

The joint exercise focused on developing interoperability and conducting joint tactical operations in mechanised warfare.

During Bold Kurukshetra 2019, troops learnt about each other’s organisations and best practices that are being followed in combat.

Both countries also interact regularly through high-level visits and policy dialogues.

Source: Army Technology Online


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