Bagira awarded training contract from the Netherlands Ministry of Defence

Source : Military Simulation & Training Magazine Link The Netherlands Ministry of Defence awarded Bagira Systems its Joint Fire Training Exercise and System (JFTES) tender. The Royal Netherlands Army specifically selected the company’s Joint-Fire BattleSpace Simulator (JOBSS). This is the same system that’s been deployed by the Israeli Defence Forces since 2016. As per the contract, Bagira will provide a variety of simulator configurations from individual education and training up to a Joint Fires Support Team tactical training, all using a high-resolution dome display and simulated equipment. “We are very proud to have been selected by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence following a lengthy

Bohemia Interactive Simulations to launch latest version of VBS IG

Source : Military Simulation & Training Magazine Link Bohemia Interactive Simulations is releasing the latest version of Virtual Battlespace Image Generator, or VBS IG, its computer image generation software on September 8, 2017. The update will integrate with existing host software using the CIGI standard. Users can build databases with VBS IG with standard geographic information systems software, or use existing databases built with many commercially available tools that support the VBS terrain format, such as TerraTools. A software development kit is available for VBS IG that allows developers to customize the program and create custom applications. A version of VBS IG is used on the U.S.

New Zealand Defence Force acquire enterprise licence of VBS3 FiresFST

SimCentric are proud to announce the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) concluded their acquisition of a perpetual enterprise licence of VBS3 FiresFST in July 2017. This procurement marks the culmination of a strong collaborative effort over several years between SimCentric, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, the NZDF Mission Command Training School (MCTS) and the New Zealand School of Artillery to fully integrate VBS3 FiresFST into the Joint Fires Observer (JFO) training continuum. To date, NZDF has utilised VBS3 FiresFST software as the primary simulation training tool for the past two JFO courses, with further refinement and evolution already scoped to continue to build upon existing successe

MASS Supports Major Joint Forces Training Exercise

Cohort company MASS has underlined its credentials as a leading provider of training support with the planning and implementation of a major UK Joint Forces Command (JFC) exercise at a military base in Cornwall centered on achieving over 90 training objectives set by the JFC. Over 1100 people took part in the two-week event, which was designed to support and exercise the standing Joint Force HQ’s “Train as we fight” development with the single-service components, as well as a number of other JFC training objectives. MASS, which is a regular provider of training support to the UK MOD and overseas military, managed a range of SMEs and provided senior ex-military and diplomatic staff to offer

Augmented reality is the potential future of US Military training

The Synthetic Training Environment (STE) is an augmented reality training endeavor designed to improve soldier readiness in a variety of environments. “Due to the rapidly expanding industrial base in virtual and augmented reality, the Army is moving out to seize an opportunity to augment readiness,” Col. Harold Buhl, Army Research Lab Orlando and Information and Communications Technology program manager, told “With STE, the intent is to leverage commercial advances with military technologies to provide commanders with unit-specific training options to achieve readiness more rapidly and sustain readiness longer.” The simulations are intended to create many scenarios to t

Trian3DBuilder Update to Version 6.3

An Update for Trian3DBuilder is Now Available. Key Features Roads Module Editable AI Splines for OpenDrive So far the AI Splines for OpenDrive within crossings have been generated procedural and automatically. This is still the case, but with the new version of Trian3DBuilder it is possible to edit the AI Splines and export the modified version to OpenDrive without changing anything in the visual database. This function is extremely helpful when editing complex crossings. Like any other vector, the AI Splines are very easy to edit using the Trian3DBuilder vector tools.​ WYSIWYG Live Update Deactivation That is a new function to activate and deactivate the live update for changes on Road WYSI

Baltimore welcomes new cybersecurity training facility

Baltimore, Maryland welcomes a new cybersecurity training and simulation center, Baltimore Cyber Range. The new facility is an effort from Cyberbit Ltd., a subsidiary of the Israel-based defense technology company Elbit Systems. “I am very pleased to celebrate the opening of the Baltimore Cyber Range,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “As the first stand-alone and hands-on training cybersecurity training center in the nation, it will provide the most-up-to date training for our cyber force, further demonstrating that Maryland is truly the cyber capital of America.” Boston Cyber Range utilizes Cyberbit Range, a simulation platform that creates real-world scenarios to test and train IT and cybersecu

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