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CXC Awarded Service Contract to Deploy Wargaming System for the Royal Thai Army

Creativex Consulting recently received a service contract by our partner, Hartech Technologies to provide regional in-country support services to their Royal Thai Army customer in the provision of an Army Wargaming Simulation System. The contract, executed by Hartech Technologies, will see the delivery in Q1 2020 of a wargaming solution supporting the simulation of more than fifteen (15) division in an interactive, real-time wargame supprting more than 500 operators deployed in three different locations in Thailand at the same time.

The SSG-based simulation uses unique simulation models, allowing the simulation of entity-to-entity interaction, including all sensors and weapon systems. The uniqueness of HarTech’s simulation solution is the use of Virtual Simulation fidelity in a Constructive Simulation, greatly improving the realism of the exercise and the reliability of the simulation outcome. HarTech’s SSG’s leading physical entity-based simulation allows for realistic training and leaves behind the legacy approach of statistical-based Constructive Simulation, which does not resemble modern warfare.

The high-fidelity simulation will support the simulation of individual entities based on customer-defined physical capabilities and Combat Behavior Sets. The simulation covers all aspects of warfare and other than war operations, including: intelligence and electronic warfare, maneuvering, fire support, air defense, engineering, logistics, command & control, and communication.

HarTech’s SSG Tactical Simulation and Training solutions can be found today in all warfare domains: naval, land and air. The uniqueness of its high fidelity, entity-based simulation that can support countless entities in a continuous, real-time simulation, enables HarTech’s SSG to be used in a wide range of simulation solutions, covering Virtual Trainers, Tactical Trainers, Constructive Training solutions, as well as System Integration and Combat Laboratories.

Over the last two years HarTech Technologies’ SSG has been winning a significantly greater market share in the provision of different training solutions, across four different continents. We believe that the provision of the wargaming solution to the Royal Thai Army will open the door for HarTech to deliver additional SSG-based solutions in Thailand and worldwide.

Creativex Consulting has been working closely with global simulation partners to provide state-of-the art simulation development tools like Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Pitch Technologies and Hartech Technologies over the years and have recently expanded their business focus in the provision of professional services to these technology partners in the Asian region. Creativex leverages on their in-house simulation team who have been in the simulation industry since 1999 in the development of simulators to provide the bridge between our partners and customers, comprising of in-country system integrators and end users, in this region to provide services from simulator requirement gathering, program management, system installation and testing and training services.

"Asia will continue to grow in the training & simulation arena in the use of simulators and simulation systems as an integral component to users' training needs. The need to adapt and play an important role to provide the region with the experience and skillsets in each country in the effective use of training systems is crucial in our business to ensure its continuity and growth. Creativex continues to collaborate closely with its global technology partners as the bridge to Asia and with in-country system integrators using the many development tools that Creativex has in its stronghold and its simulation skillsets to aid in the capability building of these system integrators in the growing simulation market in Asia over the coming years." said Chris Lim, Business Development Director of Creativex Consulting.


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