Coronavirus: Thai army slashes budgets amid backlash over armament procurement

BANGKOK - Thailand's armed forces have made budget cuts and suspended artillery purchases, as millions of Thais suffering from the adverse economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak await cash handouts from the government. The Thai army was the latest branch of the armed forces to slash its 2020 budget on Wednesday (April 22) by about 10 billion baht (S$441 million), out of the total of 18 billion baht cut by the Defence Ministry. It also halved its planned 900 million baht procurement of over 100 Stryker armoured infantry carriers from the United States and suspended purchases of other artillery, army spokesman Winthai Suvaree told a press briefing. "It's a high figure compared to other mi

Virtual Partners in the Academic Pipeline

The use of simulations, including XR tools, at colleges and universities worldwide is becoming commonplace in various areas of study. In part 2 of 2, Robert W. Moorman looks at the educational pipeline for the next generation of simulationists. The virtual world is reality for many of today’s students. Students are demanding more immersive forms of instruction, according to numerous academicians. “We have students who are used to this kind of learning through gaming, virtual or augmented reality. They expect it,” said Dr. Ben J. Stuart, Interim Dean, Batten College of Engineering and Technology, Old Dominion University (ODU). “If we don’t start looking at this as a mechanism for education an

Asia Pacific: Technologies to Help Boost Training Readiness

Group editor Marty Kauchak reviews S&T trends and developments in Asia Pacific. There are rare moments in the defense training and simulation community when programs are reconfiguring themselves beneath our feet. Such is the case in the Asia Pacific region. To place these developments in perspective, APAC’s S&T program investments are not on the scale one finds in the US. And while innovation and new programs are not occurring in this region in startlingly fast bursts, there is sustained, quickening pace of innovation across APAC and the S&T sector – helping to elevate training readiness programs to new levels. Requirements-Driven Innovations S&T advancements in this defense market are occur

True Blended Air Combat LVC Training

The US Air Force is working to develop its Operational Training Structure (OTI) through the incorporation of LVC. Chuck Weirauch takes a look at the latest efforts to integrate the Live element into the LVC environment. While US and joint training demonstrations have validated the concept of blended live-virtual-constructive (LVC)-based air combat training, the primary remaining challenge is the integration of virtual and constructive entities with front line aircraft Operational Flight Programs (OTFs) according to Michael Aldinger, Northrop Grumman manager of LVC Mission Integration. Just how to “spoof” blue aircraft sensor systems into “believing” that the projected virtual and constructiv

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