Vortex Studio Powers Bluedrop’s Rescue Hoist Simulators to Save Lives and Cut Training Costs

CM Labs’ industry-leading simulation platform helps Bluedrop save clients upwards of $7,000 per hour of flight time

Montreal, QC, July 26, 2018 — CM Labs today announced that its Vortex Studio platform is being used to power simulators developed by Bluedrop Training & Simulations to train for effective helicopter rescue hoists.

Bluedrop is leveraging CM Labs’ Vortex Studio technology for unique training simulators in development for military and aerospace clients. In one such partnership, Bluedrop used Vortex Studio to develop a training platform for the twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook helicopter. The 42-foot-long simulator applies VR technology to teach users how to operate the aircraft’s three hoists.

In particular, the simulation allows Bluedrop clients to provide training for high-risk scenarios such as nighttime and rough weather operations, mechani