BISim Joins Varjo’s Reseller Network In Asia-Pacific

Varjo has expanded its reseller network in the Asia-Pacific region with Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim). As part of the commercial agreement, BISim will resell Varjo HMDs to its customers in Australia and New Zealand who are interested in the highest-fidelity virtual and mixed reality (VR and XR) solutions for training and simulation. BISim’s portfolio will feature both of Varjo’s human-eye resolution headsets, VR-2 and VR-2 Pro (including hand tracking), as well as the photorealistic mixed reality device XR-1 Developer Edition, which makes it possible to mix synthetic and real content. Combined with BISim’s VBS Blue image generation system and associated professional services, train

Mixed reality training: Where is the industry at?

Source : Sherpad Media In the VAM technology space, the solutions being created are predominantly focused on the commercial and civilian markets. Large telecoms operators are building edge computing and the ability to store simultaneous location and mapping maps locally into 5G-capable cell towers, while smartphone manufacturers are creating very small form factor screens with high resolution and brightness. All of this is being done to create the building blocks of what will be a wide augmented world, that arguably we may all share in very soon To read the full story check out the latest issue of Military Training here 👇🏻 [VR, AR and MR story:] [Fu

CXC Completes Professional Services Contract as part of Business Continuity Plan

As the impact of Covid19 restrictions begins to show clearer signs that businesses will never be the same, Creativex Consulting had already embarked on a Business Continuity Plan during the early days of the outbreak. Understanding that the Covid19 situation is a rising tide crisis that may span months and if not years, Creativex took steps to ensure that the our supply chain and services remain intact. We had to adapt to new working practices to remain ready to deliver existing and new orders and ensuring the resilience of our company's capabilities to support the simulation capabilities required by our customers in this region. Creativex Consulting successfully completed a Professional Ser

The logistics of autonomous systems – the consequence of transformed logistics

By David Beaumont. ‘Logistics and autonomous systems – the promise of transformed logistics’ concluded that the prospective use of autonomous systems for military logistics was a matter of the imagination. Western militaries, including the Australian Defence Force (ADF), have been exploiting semi-autonomous systems for years. It is only a matter of time before robotics and other associated technologies revolutionise warfare to the point the militaries must transform. The article, however, also concluded with the observation that the biggest problem to face militaries is not in the choice of the systems to employ, and where to use them, but from the increasing reliance militaries will have on

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