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CXC Completes Professional Services Contract as part of Business Continuity Plan

As the impact of Covid19 restrictions begins to show clearer signs that businesses will never be the same, Creativex Consulting had already embarked on a Business Continuity Plan during the early days of the outbreak. Understanding that the Covid19 situation is a rising tide crisis that may span months and if not years, Creativex took steps to ensure that the our supply chain and services remain intact. We had to adapt to new working practices to remain ready to deliver existing and new orders and ensuring the resilience of our company's capabilities to support the simulation capabilities required by our customers in this region.

Creativex Consulting successfully completed a Professional Services Contract to an Asian government customer to set up a simulation development framework and develop the baseline scenarios using the Smart Scenario Generator (SSG) allowing them to develop Combat Behaviour Sets on their own in a "operational language" environment with minimum programming efforts.

The unique, SSG-based simulation will support the simulation up to combined arms level in an interactive, real-time wargame. The SSG-based simulation uses unique simulation models, allowing the simulation of entity-to-entity interaction, including all sensors and weapon systems. The uniqueness of HarTech’s simulation solution is the use of Virtual Simulation fidelity in a Constructive Simulation, greatly improving the realism of the exercise and the reliability of the simulation outcome. HarTech’s SSG’s leading physical entity-based simulation allows for realistic training and leaves behind the legacy approach of statistical-based Constructive Simulation, which does not resemble modern warfare. The high-fidelity simulation will support the simulation of individual entities based on customer-defined physical capabilities and Combat Behavior Sets. The simulation covers all aspects of warfare and other than war operations, including: intelligence and electronic warfare, maneuvering, fire support, air defense, engineering, logistics, command & control, and communication.

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