Fire Pump Training Effectiveness Increased Through Simulation

According to Phil Duczyminski, a training officer for the City of Novi (Michigan) Fire Department, there are many factors working against the most effective possible fire pump training. First and foremost, there are huge disincentives to tying up equipment doing something other than fighting a fire. Duczyminski ticks these off: “Taking a truck out of service, stripping the hose of off it, risking damage to the equipment.” On top of that, you must take staff out of service. “If you have one person practicing the pump, you’ve probably tied up the time of six to eight firefighters staffing all those hand lines, the additional personnel needed just to flow water.” Finally, although clearly a dis

Can swarming drones map battles in real time?

Against the gray sky, the black robots hum. The swarm moves without words, mapping the neighborhood below, a flurry of buzzing and plotting, sharp angles and short orbits, creating in real time a blanket of surveillance over the selected objective. Part of DARPA’s OFFSET (OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics) program, the quadcopters are pieces in a greater whole, an incremental step to providing an expansive robot’s-eye view to humans fighting on the ground. The neighborhood in question for this exercise was an urban warfare training complex at Fort Benning, Georgia, in June 2019. Flying through and over the “Selby Combined Arms Collective Training Facility,” the quadcopters worked with ground r


CHANGI EXHIBITION CENTRE, SINGAPORE 11th February - 16th February 2020 Click here for Organiser site

Creativex awarded System Support Services Contract by Force Technology

Creativex Consulting was awarded a contract by Force Technology to provide system support services to install, test and commissioning of a naval simulator to their client. Creativex Consulting has grown steadily over the years and in the recent year, started providing simulation support services to their clients, leveraging on the simulation teams experience and skill sets that it has garnered over 18 years. Please contact us for any product information at

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