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CXC Delivers VBS4 in Experimentation Lab Setup to Asian Customer

Creativex Consulting continues to deliver VBS4 licences from BISIM to its Asian customers.

As part of the deliverables, Creativex successfully showcased the capabilities and features of VBS4 in desktop configurations simulating the virtual environment in different operational setups. The VBS World Server (VWS) was also deployed adding the option of a central terrain server capability to a VBS4 setup. This facilitates ease-of-use for the administrator who only needs to administer one terrain database.

The setup allows the capability of up to 14 desktop configurations offering the experimenters a complete virtual operational environment to evaluate next generation operational concepts and platforms and complete feasibility studies on possible deployment rollouts in a more effective manner.

Creativex Consulting provides professional services with its technology partners like BISIM to provide end users with proof of concept development to showcase the capabilities of its products, allowing users to test out the products through small scale training testbeds before full training system deployment.

"CXC is committed to its regional customers in the use of the simulation software products we represent to ensure that they have the direct reach to first level technical development support through our product development team to better understand the capabilities of the software so that they have an effective training solution down the road" - says Chris Lim, Director (Business Development) of CXC.

Please contact us for any VBS4 product information at


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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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