AR glasses are giving airport ground staff superpowers on the runway

YVETTE TAN Sep 6, 2017 Passengers at Singapore's Changi airport could soon see shorter waiting times for their flights, with the airport's latest introduction of AR for its ground crew. Touted as the world's first use of AR in ramp handling, the technology comes in the form of a pair of smart glasses, which will provide instructions to staff. For example, a ground handler loading cargo onto a plane can now "see" and scan a virtual QR code displayed on cargo or baggage containers, and through the glasses instantly view the details of its weight, loading sequence and allocated position within the aircraft. Oh, and it's hella futuristic. Cameras installed in the glasses will also allow control

U.S. Navy to use MetaVR visuals in CAVE training system

Source : Military Simulation & Training Magazine Link U.S. Navy has begun to use MetaVR visuals in its Combined Arms Virtual Environment (CAVE) training dome and combat systems. The CAVE system uses a large field-of-view partial dome display for land and sea-based training, for individual and team exercises. MetaVR’s business partner Battlespace Simulations (BSI) installed the latest CAVE systems in May 2017 at the Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific in San Diego, California. This is the third Navy installation to use the training system, the first was the Joint Close Air Support branch at the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center at NAS Fallon, Nevada, and the second at the

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