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U.S. Navy to use MetaVR visuals in CAVE training system

Source : Military Simulation & Training Magazine


U.S. Navy has begun to use MetaVR visuals in its Combined Arms Virtual Environment (CAVE) training dome and combat systems. The CAVE system uses a large field-of-view partial dome display for land and sea-based training, for individual and team exercises.

MetaVR’s business partner Battlespace Simulations (BSI) installed the latest CAVE systems in May 2017 at the Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Pacific in San Diego, California. This is the third Navy installation to use the training system, the first was the Joint Close Air Support branch at the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center at NAS Fallon, Nevada, and the second at the Joint Expeditionary Base-Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

All three CAVE systems replaced old Multi-Purpose Support Arms Training systems, reusing the 240-degree, field-of-view domes. They will use MetaVR’s geospecific 3-D terrain and model libraries.

The basis of the system relies on BSI’s MACE, a physics-based, many-on-many simulation and threat environment, as well as BIS’s Viper DIS radio for the communications environment.

Reprinted from MS & T Online, 2017-2018 with permission of MS&T. Copyright 2017-2018. All rights reserved.

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