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CXC Awarded Parachute Simulator Maintenance Contract

Creativex Consulting was awarded a parachute simulator maintenance contract to maintain the simulator systems for its Asian customer.

Creativex has been building its maintenance capabilities in simulator systems in the Asian region to provide professional services with its global simulation partners to bridge the gap to Asia as part of the Covid19 restrictions for global travel. As the impact of Covid19 restrictions begins to show clearer signs that businesses will never be the same, Creativex Consulting had embarked on a Business Continuity Plan with its partners during the early days of the outbreak. Understanding that the Covid19 situation is a rising tide crisis that may span months and if not years, Creativex took steps to ensure that the our supply chain and services remain intact. We had to adapt to new working practices to remain ready to deliver existing and new orders and ensuring the resilience of our company's capabilities to support the simulation capabilities required by our customers in this region.

With almost 20 years of simulation experience, the CXC team successfully set up a remote management system to work with its in-country technology partners to provide the maintenance services while minimising travel during the Covid19 travel restrictions.

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