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Parliament: Home Affairs Ministry budget to expand by more than 10%, largely to boost fight against

Source : The Straits Times Link SINGAPORE - The Ministry of Home Affairs' (MHA) budget will increase by more than 10 per cent this year, with a large part of this increase to go into boosting Singapore's counter-terrorism capabilities, said Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam on Friday (March 2). Revealing the spike during the debate on his ministry's budget, Mr Shanmugam cited the growing terrorist threat as a reason, warning that the extremist group ISIS remains and "in fact, will grow as fighters return to our region". "MHA must do all we can to protect our people. It is our responsibility and accountability to deal with terrorist threats in the homeland," he added. MHA's spending has incr

Singapore Navy commissions LMVs and opens simulation center

Source : Military Simulation & Training Magazine Link The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) commissioned its fourth and fifth Independence-class Littoral Mission Vessels (LMVs), the RSS Justice and RSS Indomitable, and opened its RSS Daring integrated LMV simulation center at Tuas Naval Base, Singapore to give crews efficient and effective training in realistic conditions. The two LMVs are built and configured with a user-friendly design for a variety of missions including coastal security, maritime patrol, surveillance and search-and-rescue, and can be used for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. The simulation center was jointly developed by the RSN and Defence Science Technology A

BISim releases Gears Studio

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a developer of advanced simulation and training software with origins in video game development, released Gears Studio, an integrated development environment that streamlines the creation of modular software products. Gears Studio helps developers focus their time on feature implementation. It guides them through component development and automates tasks, and establishes a standard for components that enables powerful functionality and reuse across products. BISim is also releasing a free version of Gears Studio Community Edition, available now online at Gears Studio offers simple project configuration, dependency package management,

DARPA envisions soldiers swarming with 250 robots simultaneously in urban combat

📷Tim Hinchliffe 6 months ago DARPA is envisioning a future of warfare where soldiers engaged in urban combat will interact with upwards of 250 autonomous robots through a military tactic known as swarming. Swarming may overturn the existing order of world power Swarming is where a military unit engages an adversary from all directions simultaneously, either with fire or in force, according to a report by the RAND National Defense Research Institute. Swarm tactics depend on a devolution of power to small units and a capacity to interconnect those units that has only recently become feasible, due to the information revolution. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agenc (DARPA) is now solici

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