BISim releases Gears Studio

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a developer of advanced simulation and training software with origins in video game development, released Gears Studio, an integrated development environment that streamlines the creation of modular software products. Gears Studio helps developers focus their time on feature implementation. It guides them through component development and automates tasks, and establishes a standard for components that enables powerful functionality and reuse across products.

BISim is also releasing a free version of Gears Studio Community Edition, available now online at Gears Studio offers simple project configuration, dependency package management, source control integration and assistance with the creation of APIs. It can be used to build anything developers can create using C++ such as videos games, web browsers, word processing software or simulations. Gears components are built in C++ and use C APIs to communicate between them. In future releases of Gears Studio, BISim plans to extend its capabilities to allow use of other programming languages like Lua, C# and Python.

How can Gears Studio simplify your software development? With Gears Studio, software developers can do the following:

  • Create components from a template through a guided process,

  • Edit APIs with real-time error reporting,

  • Version APIs to facilitate collaborative development,

  • Manage groups of components as products,

  • Edit all components from a single Microsoft Visual Studio solution,

  • Integrate with build servers for continuous integration and unit testing.

Gears Studi