Creativex Successfully Delivers IFF Beacon System

Creativex Consulting has successful delivered its order to an undisclosed defence customer in Asia for a IFF Beacon System which comprises of IFF Beacons which allows the users to be synchronised in groups using unique flash patterns defined by its users in a localised manner. The beacon system is capable of detection up to 1 km both in the visible and IR modes. The battle proven system are being used by many forces globally by defence and homeland security government agencies in different operating environment such as Counter Terrorism activities etc. The system was accepted after a serious of stringent acceptance tests and delivered together with a training package to its customer. "This i

SimTECT 2017

International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia 28th August - 31st August 2017

Marathon Targets - Jane’s take on robotic humans @ IDEX’17

Jane’s article from IDEX 2017: The world’s first and only autonomous robotic human type target system can turn soldiers into ‘pre-combat veterans’. See more at: Article. Read Full Article on Jane's here. Reprinted from Marathon Targers Website, Feb 2017. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

SimCentric Releases VBS3 FiresFST Pro incorporating Ambience CDE/BDA features

Oxford, UK. SimCentric are excited to announce the release of VBS3 FiresFST Pro, evolving our flagship full-spectrum Call for Fire and Close Air Support Trainer to an unprecedented level. VBS3 FiresFST Pro now incorporates the human and vehicular pattern of life features from our Ambience application to support highly realistic, complex and flexible offensive support scenarios. Whether in support of conventional peer-on-peer training, or counter-insurgency scenarios, VBS3 FiresFST Pro now allows the strategically critical element of Collateral Damage Estimates and Battle Damage Assessment to be genuinely incorporated into training instances. Gareth Collier, Director of Strategic Engagement

Marathon Targets - Specialized Robots Have Vital Role in Hostage Training

The US Defence Department Science Blog reports on the Air Force’s 27th Special Operations Wing using robots to practice their responses to real-life intense moments, like hostage situations. See more at: Article. Read Full article here. Reprinted from Marathon Targers Website, Feb 2017. Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.

XPI Simulation completes CDR of Ajax driver training simulators

XPI Simulation has successfully completed a critical design review (CDR) of driver training simulators for the Ajax armoured fighting vehicle, which is currently being developed for the British Army. The review moves the simulators for the Ajax vehicle programme towards the production phase. In 2014, the company received a £20m order from General Dynamics Land Systems – UK to produce 28 driver training simulators for the Ajax programme. Incorporating approved interfaces, the reconfigurable simulators are the first to follow the UK Ministry of Defence, Training and Education Coherence (DTEC) rule set. XPI Simulation managing director Simon Skinner said: “Reaching this milestone has been a tru

General Dynamics European Land Systems

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) announced that it has signed a contract for the production and delivery of the latest variant of the M3 Amphibious Bridge and Ferry System for a customer in south-east Asia. The deliveries will also include an ILS package consisting of a simulator system, training, special tools and manuals. NATO and non-NATO nations use the M3 in different roles, from combat operations to civil defence missions. "The award of the contract once again underlines the quality and superior performance of General Dynamics European Land Systems' mobile bridge systems and the high reputation our company and products have in the defence market as the most modern and mos

Creativex Delivers Simcentric's GUI Mate to Asian Customer

Creativex Consulting has successful delivered an order to an undisclosed commercial customer in Asia for GUI Mate licences from Simcentric Technologies. GUIMate is a C++ and script API which is fully integrated with VBS3 to create rich Graphical User Interfaces with an extensive set of widgets. It is used by the customers to design their customised graphical user interface within the VBS3 environment.GUIMate includes a visual editor allowing a simple drag-and-drop approach to designing a GUI, as well as a library containing functions which assist in the creation of attractive and functional GUIs within VBS3. GUIMate supports owner-drawn controls which enable to customized widgets such as cha

Creativex delivers Trian3DBuilder licences to Asian customer

Creativex Consulting is pleased to announce that an undisclosed Asian customer has purchased Trian3DBuilder licences. The provision of the licences will give the customer added capabilities and sets new standards for the creation and editing of digital landscapes. Due to its novel workflow, Trian3DBuilder is fast and intuitive to learn and at the same time the most powerful terrain generation tool on the market. Use our software to create terrain databases in a multitude of formats for various applications and simulation systems. "Asia has been and will continue to look toward the use of simulators and simulation as part of its training needs. The growing simulation market in the Asian regio

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