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1960s Tanks, UK Army Training, Driving POVs, HD from 35mm

Source : Kino Library

1960s Tanks, UK Army Training, Driving POVs, HD from 35mm from the Kinolibrary Archive Film Collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit Clip ref CHX926. 4K master from 35mm colour negative film available.

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WS quarry, deserted sandy, dusty area. ZI tank driving over a mound, military training, UK army, British army. Chieftain tank with two soldiers driving going over hill. Tank driving, tank training. Pan across two tanks driving along. INT Tank, driver’s seat, cock pit? Tank simulator, control panel, dashboard. CU tank driver’s face wearing headphones, looking serious. INT military base, soldier, general stood looking at large model of rural landscape, countryside. CU scale model of forest landscape, trees, hills. ZO machine moving across the model. Military technology. Army officer walks into next room, past another soldier sat at futuristic desk, looking at POV from tank on a screen. CU tank driver’s face. POV through periscope, fuzzy blue image of road. CU model, robot arm moving along model of countryside. CU Tank driver, POV from periscope. OTS army officer in control room looking at screen, tank operator. Army officer presses buttons on a control panel, switchboard. OTS tank driver in cockpit, driver’s seat. Switches and buttons. CU tank speedometer, 20mph. CU tank driver’s face speaking into receiver. INT tank driver gets out of simulator, climbs out of hatch. EXT WS winter, frosty English countryside, pan as tank drives across. POV from tank, soldier, tank driver’s perspective from gun turret. Gun pivots across landscape. MCU side shot, tank operators. Nice pan, tank drivers over ridge and down path, splashes mud. POVs from tank, pan across dusty terrain, could be desert war zone. Tank drives towards camera, soldier’s head poking out of hole below gun. Tank splashes through puddle. POV tank driving up ridge. LA tank appearing over the top of muddy mound, good shot. POV tank driving down hill. LA tank driving over camera, great shot. LA tank driving through mud, marsh. WS Tank driving along tarmacked road up to military base, children walking and cycling beside. ZI sign, ‘Royal Armoured Corps - Tank Museum and Royal Tank Regiment Museum’, large ornamental tank outside. LA ornamental tanks on plinths.


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