16 Virtual Reality Applications That Will Be Big In The Months Ahead


Social distancing measures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically decreased in-person meetings and travel. As a result, many people became more interested in virtual reality as a means of enjoying places and experiences that weren’t accessible. The opportunities provided by VR and its potential to revolutionize everything from education and industry to travel and entertainment have taken center stage.

As top tech leaders, the members of Forbes Technology Council are watching the VR space and how it’s developing to meet consumers’ needs. Below, they share 16 uses for VR that are sure to make a big splash among consumers in the months to come.

1. Campaign-Mode Video Games

I am seeing people move meetings to campaign-mode video games for a change of scenery, blending engaging interaction with work. There’s a lot of room for creativity and no need for absolute conformity any more—in fact, thinking of new ways to interact shows respect and empathy for what employees are managing in their lives, both for themselves and on behalf of the organizations we’re running. – Frank Speiser, Talla

2. Building Inspections

Industries are slowly realizing that VR