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Unreal Engine Officially Certified by US Air Force

Image credit: Epic Games

Epic Games' Unreal Engine has been officially certified by the U.S. Air Force as an evaluated and approved product. Close to the end of 2019, Epic Games started a journey with the Air Force Modeling and Simulation team (AFAMS) to ensure that Unreal Engine source code is thoroughly reviewed by the Operation Training Infrastructure (OTI) officers.

After a few initial remarks, which have been cleared in Unreal Engine 4.25, Epic Games went through the last mile to make sure that the U.S. Air Force had all the information they needed. Unreal Engine is now officially certified. The accessibility of its open access to its source code on GitHub made it easy for the certification team to get access to the 2.5 million lines of C++ source code and allowed them to thoroughly review their content.

This initiative has been launched by Epic Games to simplify the life of simulation builders to ensure that, when they are selecting Unreal Engine to build simulation solutions to answer the end-user needs, they are making a choice which is aligned with the cybersecurity and safety recommendations of the forces.

An extract from the official CTF states: “Unreal Engine Version 4.2x is hereby certified in accordance with (IAW) AFI 17-101 as application software authorized for use within the Operation Training Infrastructure (OTI) and placed on the OTI Evaluated/Approved Products List (OTI E/APL) (...) The OTI Authorizing Official Designated Representative (AODR) confirmed there are no unmitigated Critical nor High Findings and the product presents a low risk to the system or enclave. 

Unreal Engine v4.2x is now added to AF OTI's Evaluated/Approved Products List (E/APL). A copy of the CTF is added to Unreal Engine's respective line item on AF OTI's E/APL).”

Source : Halldale Group


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