Simulating Robot Bomb Disposal

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In April, the Bundeswehr introduced brand new explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot simulators. Developed by military experts and the German company Szenaris GmbH, the simulators will significantly change the initial and day-to-day training of the German military's EOD specialists. Albrecht Müller spoke with German captain Heinz Lichtner, instructor at the Bundeswehr's Centre for Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Stetten, about the new technology.


Albrecht Müller: Other than the Bundeswehr, do you know of any other armed forces using equipment such as explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot simulators?

Captain Heinz Lichtner: As far as I know we are the only ones currently introducing these simulators for EOD robots. Other nations still use the real machines for their instruction courses or daily training.

AM: What kind of simulators are these new systems?

CHL: With our new equipment we will be able to simulate the handling of the German military’s two current EOD robots: tEODor and Packbot.

The training systems consist of a standard computer or laptop and an original control device from one of the robots. Via the monitor, the user experiences the simulated surroundings with the same view they would have during a real mission via the robot’s camera. Ambient noises are picked up using the robot’s microphone, along with the sound created while driv