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Calytrix Inject Planner v2.2 Released

Calytrix Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Version 2.2 of its Inject Planner software. Calytrix Inject Planner provides an intuitive and affordable option for organisations of any size to plan, manage, deliver and assess a complex series of events in support of overall exercise delivery.

Inject Planner provides a server based solution to exercise event planning with an intuitive interface and the ability to configure Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) data to suit each training event. The data is stored for re-use in later events, saving time and money in exercise planning.

Version 2.2 of the software includes a number of significant new features and a number of bug fixes. We've gone through the entire user interface, updated it and made a number of improvements to ensure your important information is easier to find, and easier to edit. A summary of the major features can be found below:

Upcoming Injects View

Once you've got your exercise planned, it is time to run it. The Upcoming Injects page is designed to give you at-a-glance information about what is happening right now, and what is coming up next.

The page gives you a large view of overall status information, including important information about the next upcoming inject. Beneath that you can find summary details of all other upcoming injects, and a guide to tell you how far away they are scheduled. Whether used on your desktop to keep an eye on the exercise activities and tempo, or put up on the big screen to provide overall status in your exercise control room, the Upcoming Injects view is your window into an active exercise.

Exercise Cloning

Ever find yourself running the same core exercise over and over, perhaps for different groups of trainees? Maybe you've just wanted to use an existing exercise as a base for creating a new one. Now you can.

In Inject Planner v2.2 you can now clone any existing exercise. Just open the exercise and select the clone option from the Edit menu. Taking things a step further, when cloning an exercise you can decide whether to include resources, injects and assessments to ensure that you get a much value out of your initial investment in the existing exercise.

Just set up an exercise as your template and then clone away!

Live Filtering

Large exercises can contain hundreds of injects. Finding the handful you are specifically interested in can be difficult. To help you narrow in on the data you need, Calytrix have added a Live Filtering feature to the new version of Inject Planner.

Using the filters you can define the criteria that an inject must meet to be displayed. As soon as you select a new filter option the display is automatically updated to only display matching injects, letting you quickly find the information you are after.

Classification Level

If your exercise contains classified or sensitive data you can now ensure that the necessary markings are included on all pages. Once you've set your classification level it will be displayed as a banner on all pages.

Much more...

Not to stop there, you'll find a number of additional improvements and fixes, incluing:

  • MGRS Support

  • Improved report generation with executive summary, in-document links and more

  • Improved progress indication during exercise import

  • SOE visual improvements

  • Navigation improvements

  • Demo Exercise now directly importable from main menu

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