Calytrix Comm Net Radio v5.6 Released

See the Reason your Comms aren’t Perfect

CNR-Effects adds realism to the radio communications environment by degrading signals based on a wide range of factors including environment, man-made structures and equipment to accurately degrade transmission signals. The benefits to education are as clear as a picture; you can visualize exactly what is causing your communications problems. The CNR-Effects Visualizer tool is a web based display showing all the factors contributing to the degradation of each transmission received. The factors considered include:

  • Transmit Power

  • Antenna type and facing

  • Distance between radios

  • Intervening terrain profile

  • Loss due to vegetation, buildings and atmospheric conditions

The Effects Visualizer is also a valuable debugging tool, allowing the operator to understand the CNR-Sim's decision-making process when applying degradation effects to received signals.