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Trian3DBuilder Update to Version 6.2

An Update for Trian3DBuilder is Now Available.

Key Features

Open Street Map Import Improvements The OSM vector import now supports almost all available classes and imports them to pre-categorized templates in Trian3DBuilder. Values like height, level count, roof type and texture classes of buildings are assigned automatically during OSM import. Further, the Building Modifier supports new roof types: dome and onion roofs.

New Modifier: Object Extrude The Modifier extrudes models with static, dynamic and repeatable parts along a path to create guard rails and fences etc.

New Modifier: Vector Template The Modifier places vector files including generation rules. There are manifold areas of application for this modifier, one of which is placing complex markings like arrows on the ground.

New Modifier: Point Offset Place models with relative offset to a vector point (for setting up combined models like traffic lights etc).

New Mapping:

  • Box Mapping

Use one texture and define a mapping box for more flexible object mapping and texture atlases.

  • Mapping Anchor

Define an anchor in UV coordinates on a texture to specify where a texture has a visible edge. The mapping algorithms might slightly stretch the textures and thus avoid effects like windows or doors being cut at building corners.

  • Show U/V coordinate and pixel position

The mouse over picker shows U/V coordinates and pixel positions which is helpful to find the right settings for box mapping and mapping anchor.

  • Switch U/V Mapping

New switch flag in Modifier Mapping to rotate texture coordinates by 90 degrees.

Release Notes for Trian3DBuilder 6.2

  • New Road Import Formats

  • Using highly accurate road definition with lane separators

  • Wizard improvement

  • Import multiple vector formates from different sources

  • Import "All Data" (no need to assign import bounding box)

  • OSM Import Improvements

  • support for all available classes (industrial, civil, religion etc.) and attributes (height, min height, level count etc.)

  • import to pre-categorized templates

  • new roof types: onion, dome

  • better textures

  • detect building parts and tune modifier

  • New Modifier

  • "Object Extrude" extrude models with static, dynamic and repetaable parts along path

  • "Vector Template" place vector file with generation rules via placer modifier

  • "Point Offset" place model relative to vector point (e.g. to setup combined models like traffic lights)

  • New Mapping Features

  • box mapping (assign attributes template mapping box under texture attributes)

  • mapping anchor (assign U/V positions on a texture to be stretched to - prevents cutting windows etc.)

  • show u/v coordinates and x/y pixel position in texture preview window

  • switch flag in modifier mapping to rotate texture coordinates

  • Auto Create Reference Groups on Vec Import

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Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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