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BN De Stem, a regional Dutch newspaper, recently reported on the introduction of Virtual Battlespace for use with the training center of the Royal Dutch Air Force. Read a translation of the article below.


Royal military air force training center located in Woensdrecht is introducing gaming for training purposes.

Hoogerheide - The airbase in Woensdrecht is going to use computer simulation for training of students.

Titled as ‘Serious Gaming,’ the training centre of the Royal Netherlands Air Force will be the first unit of the Royal Netherlands Air Force to make use of computer simulation during its training.

The system will be introduced on February 25th. By using this system the Dutch Defense can cut training costs and it will shorten the students’ training time.

The computer program Virtual Battlespace is - contrary to existing computer games - specially designed for the Dutch Defense, resulting in additional options such as the right vehicles, weaponry and gear that they use in real life. Besides that, the military can train in different terrain types, such as Uruzgan and the Port of Rotterdam.

“Every tree, every street, every street sign is rebuilt exactly as in real life” said Manon Koster on behalf of the Airbase. “We can simulate various situations which we can’t create in real life at the moment.”

Besides that, Defense can save on normal training costs by using the virtual training methods.

“The usual costs for fuel and ammunition are no longer necessary costs.” An exact amount can’t be given right now.

Another advantage is that students, by using this new method, can decrease their training time. Koster: “We can optimize the use of our training time and achieve optimal efficiency. Consequently, the results are in practice better and the personal is better prepared for whatever may come.”

Also for leaders within the Defense, different training programs are available.

The purpose is that computer simulation in the long run will play a bigger role when it comes to training military personnel. Koster: “ Also the people that are just starting at the Royal military air force training center will be using this system. Also at the technical training centre they will start making use of Virtual Battlespace.” Koster highlights that the computer program will not be a substitute for training involving vehicles, helicopters and airplanes.

Translation by Sander Van Andel.

Source: - Article

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